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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Good one, Kevin, expected that to last a bit. for the Salmson-Moineau S.M.2

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    Thanks Lefty.

    How about this piecemeal looking bird?

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    With all those angles, looks like an early Stealth Fighter..........and that looks like a Brisfit in the background. Hmmm.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    ........and that looks like a Brisfit in the background. Hmmm.........
    Not sure what those are in the background. At this airport it could be almost anything! :d

    This one is a bit of a stinker in that it might have a couple of different names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    This one is a bit of a stinker in that it might have a couple of different names.
    And I can't think of either of them...... It just looks very German.

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    You can rule out German...

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    I thought British.

    Although with looks like that it could easily be French!:costumes:

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    It is ugly enough to be French, or one of Koolhoven's designs, but I am leaning towards one of the Polish R.W.D's

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    This is turning into a bit of a dartboard. I think itís time to post some fresh game. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>
    The mystery is a Spanish Loring RB or AISA RB depending on your source. (Not sure when the Loring Company evolved into AISA).

    This next one is easier. One of my favorite lesser-known flying boats.

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    Now you're talking my language ! This cranky lady is a Short R.24/31.

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    I knew I knew it, but just couldn't place it.

    Its all this work on my final year project, not good for the brain! (on the other hand it could be the beer!)

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    Sorry James, you got Knuckledusted!


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    I'd narrowed it down to being British but somehow Shorts never even crossed my mind!

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    Well try this much easier one, James.

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    Not sure about it being much easier!

    It does look vaguely familiar but most flying boats from that sort of time have a similar sort of look.

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    All I'll say at the moment is that it isn't British.

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    Macchi C100

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    Spot on, Sandar ! Have a on me. (I think Moses had this one but was being modest).

    What mysteries can you come up with ??????

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    I'm a bit new to this lark,I hope I can upload an image

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    Image has uploaded ok.

    My first thought was Spartan Cruiser but that had inline engines so back to the drawing board!

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    Maybe a Wibault 281T?

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    Could be. I think it looks more like the 282 but they're both pretty much identical.

    I was looking at British or Italian, didn't think it looked particularly French.

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    Just found that same pic.

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    :ernae: Yep, it's a Wibault-Penault 281. I didn't think it looked very French either. Guess there is no puling the wool over any eyes here.

    Where will I find the foaming jar of ale? (lager or whatever it is?)

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    The Spartan was much leaner than this one, James (Here is the last remaining bit of one, in East Fortune).

    No, Sandar's mystery is a French lady, a Wibault 281.

    Gulp, what happened ? Two posts appeared from nowhere - beaten to it "

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