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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Algonquin, Illinois, USA
    Did we completely run out of airplanes to ID or is everyone just on hiatus?

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    May 2009
    Algonquin, Illinois, USA
    Time to revive the's one which I don't believe has been posted before...
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    ..... an elegant little monoplane but not one which I know.

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    Habenschaden-Scheubeck HS 1 from 1923

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    Where has the Beaver pilot gone?

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    May 2009
    Algonquin, Illinois, USA
    That's the one (and only) - over to you sir! Good to see you guys - was getting lonely in here for about a month.

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    Open house

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    Greetings! Hope everyone is well. Have not been around much of late unfortunately. Life can be so demanding at times...

    Here is a large transport under construction. Any takers?

    Apparently very muddy or greasy that day.

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    Wow! I've not a clue but what a great detail shot!


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    Only two were built. The first was a bomber and then this transport. Both were underpowered and unsuccessful. Circa 1925.

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  12. #24662
    Big gangly Farman it is.

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    This is a "Mutt" not US

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    Oh goody ! Now that we have lost Aerofiles' search function, the same in AviaFrance has succumbed to a similar bug...... Our little world is falling apart...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    AviaFrance has succumbed to a similar bug......
    Strange. One can search there against the year, purpose and key word but not against the manufacturer.

    Edit: I'm wrong - one can select from the year and purpose lists and enter a key word, but then clicking on 'ok' seems consistently to produce a nil result!

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    I noticed the AviaFrance issues as well. Gosh.

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    a mutt is a mixture of two breeds which this one is. Clodomiro Figueroa out of chile made this mixture of Bristol M.1C fuselage and a wing from a Ansaldo SVA aircraft.
    Around 1928. Flew once at El Bosque but scared the pilot so much. The wing was flapping on the flight.

    Open House


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    Mmm. It's quiet here.
    May I use the lull to request an ID ? What is this British flying boat?

    This is not a proper wot, because I don't know the answer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	GB flyingboat.jpg 
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Size:	220.5 KB 
ID:	89796

  20. #24670
    Supermarine Solent G-AAAB

  21. #24671
    Bit more on this ! It was originally the Nanok (polar bear) as the three-engined Southampton was called, destined for the Danish Government. They weren't entirely happy with the machine and cancelled the order. Fortunately, Arthur T Guinness (of brewing fame) was in need of a flying yacht and so it became Solent G-AAAB. Ultimately scrapped in 1931.

  22. #24672
    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Fortunately, Arthur T Guinness (of brewing fame) was in need of a flying yacht .....
    Arthur was better known as Ernest Guinness, who subsequently commissioned Supermarine Air Yacht G-AASE. However he was not happy with the result of his order and refused to take delivery. Instead it was sold to a wealthy American, Mrs June James. After a forced landing near Cherbourg, it ditched in the Gulf of Naples and was damaged beyond repair. In the meantime, Guinness bought Saro Cloud G-ABHG.

  23. #24673
    Thank you all!

    The collective amount of knowledge here always impresses me. A pity this thread is failing...

  24. #24674
    Since thread slow. Thought I would try something else.

    I just came across this mystery? DC-4's had round windows and DC-6 had square windows. Then I was working on US Marines file and trying to get exact designations. I have this pix of "90414" with round windows and then with square windows? The only thing I could think of was maybe they painted the windows outside to look like square ones. The nose length looks like DC-4 not longer like DC-6.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails USAMDouglasR5D4R-B&W-Good.jpg   USAMDouglasr5d4R-2222.jpg  

  25. #24675
    I believe the window frames are painted square to look more modern.

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