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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Looks like a KhAI-24 autogyro.

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    Gulp ! You got it - the Moses treasure chest has more gems than I thought - a for you, and I'll have one myself to cheer me up - it has been an unutterably foul day here - wind, rain, and general misery.

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    I don't have much on those types but got lucky this time.

    That weather you describe actually sounds good to me. Could use a bit of that in this sun-drenched dustbowl.

    Here is the next one. I like the look of this bipe-

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    Funnily enough, last weekend I visited Cragside, the house in Northumberland built by William, Lord Armstrong. This aircraft bears his name, as founder of the great armaments empire.

    It is an Armstrong Whitworth A.W.XVI

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    Right! Over to Scotland.

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    Lucky break, that one. Had decided from the start it was a Hawker, stumbled across the A.W.

    Will have to look out some more exotics - in the meantime here's one to keep it rolling.

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    It's a Fouga CM-100 from la belle France...

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    ...anybody care to explain this?

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    Nearly fell into the Ashton trap there, but of course it's the Tudor 8.

    Well done on the Fouga, still referred to in my Janes of the period as a Castel-Mauboussin C.M. 100 ! (bit early but have one anyway.)

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    Very, very good! :ernae: In fact you're better than my early 1950s book, which has mistakenly labelled VX195 'The Ashton', though it was, indeed, the Tudor 9 (such as WB490 on the right below) that was so-designated. VX195 was the only Tudor 8, with RR Nene Mk 5 turbojets.

    Can anybody ever beat lefty at this game? :d

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    Who knows. Maybe either of us creative flying Finns could give him a tough nut to crack someday.

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    Make sure you get everything Finnish that he posts! (Ferry & I are expected to get all the Dutch ones.)


    De Vliegende Hollander

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralf Roggeveen View Post
    Can anybody ever beat lefty at this game? :d
    A certain gentleman from Texas does it regularly !

    More of Lefty's floaters....

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    I'll have a guess at this being a home grown mystery.

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    Maybe a Finn VL E.30 Kotka I?

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    I was really hoping those cocky Finns would falter on this one !

    Another beer heads for the prairies.....................

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    Sorry to steal your thunder Lionus.

    Moving along with this sizeable triplane-

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    heh, it's okay. I'm not as good in this game as Greycap is.

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    The triplane also had an "interesting story". Purpose built for one event.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>

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    Is that Voisin?

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    Not a Voisin or French for that matter...

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    Suspected it was another American, and finally tracked it down as an International CF-10.

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    This one was built for the Dole Race of 1927. It crashed taking off from San Francisco and never made it down to Los Angeles for the start.

    Well done Lefty. Have at it-

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    Here's another example of unconventional aeronautical engineering -

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    I can't find a complete picture, but relevant verbage leads me to believe this is a Salmson-Moineau S.M.2.

    "One aircraft may have been fitted experimentally with a Salmson P9 engine. A single S.M.2 aircraft, with an additional Salmson 9A engine in the nose driving a conventional tractor airscrew, was tested with poor results, due to inadequate engine cooling, in 1918."

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