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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Well, I know that I employ a lot of guess work - which more often than not is wrong - but I don't think that ever before have I assumed the baton in this manner. I'm only disappointed that Henry John didn't insist on it being given the type number 57 and being called the Variety. Still, the Lovejoy Curlycraft is an equally wacky name. It makes it sound like something that might have featured in a British television series about a dodgy antiques dealer! And unprepared as I am for having been handed the baton, I trust that you'll indulge me by waiting until this evening for me to find something suitable with which to follow on.

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    Now here's a format that you don't see every day!

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    Nor will I now be able to "unsee" it. A tri/sesqui/Pou de Ciel genetic mutation!

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    I suspect some of these rustic Gallic aéronautes were partial to la fée verte.....
    Neither of the two visible horizontal appendages appears to have a proper aerofoil section ? Whilst realising that such trifling considerations never deterred these bold fellows, it is a tad unusual.....

    We are of course making an assumption here, but the gentleman on the left is wearing a beret...

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    They look more lifting & stall resisting than Monsieur Mignet's freehand drawn aerofoils........

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    I think Mike is correct, it is a french beret.
    The aircraft is the Langlois JL-2 by Jacques L. A specialised homebuilt ag-plane, you donot see many of them.
    F-PYED, Lycoming O-360 engine.

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    Bien sûr, mes amis. Walter is correct. It is the Langlois JL.2 dating from, surprisingly, as late as 1980. Probably the world's only aggietripoux, it flew for a year, found no takers for it as a crop duster and was abandoned. On y va!

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    After enjoying some extremely interesting entries, back to the day-to-day stuff
    This is a single-seat parasol winger. History is puzzling, because she may be from 1931, re-emerging (after restoration/modifications) in 1975.
    But it can be she only did appear in 1975.
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    It has a lot in common with the Renaudeau Aviasport F-WDVK, but as it is probably French, it could be anything.......

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    Could this be the Riega DRV-1 LV-X69 from Argentina?

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    I think I found it finally.

    Not the LV-X69 but the LV-X59, in this case it is the Pallich JUP-1.

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    Hi fabolousfour
    You got her. On the nose is painted JUP-1B and that could indicate there might have been a JUP-1 (maybe the 1931 and 1975 versions, resp?)
    Anyone interested in more details, the JUP-1 in in JAWA 1971/72 or 73/74

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    Thanks, Walter!
    It would be great if anybody could post the information about the JUP-1 from JAWA, I couldn't find anything about that plane.
    It was quite an effort to find the Pallich though I assumed the mystery came from Argentina (colours on the tail) rather early.
    I finally looked for black-and-white photos from "Asociacion argentina de aviacion experimental" and got a hit in google where the registration was rather blurred and looked as X69 at first. This would have been the Riega DRV-1 (I have saved the old Grupo Aracuan page, where the registrations are listed, however, nothing at all in the web about that plane either!).

    Scrolling down VERY long I finally found the original photo where the registration was clearly readable and the type was specified.

    Enough said, here goes my next mystery.
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    Here you go, Robert (actually from 72-73 JAWA)

    You are right about the loss of the Argentinian site - unfortunately I didn't make a copy....

    Your new mystery highlights another sadly defunct site - 100 Jahre Nurfluegel - anyone preserve that one ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pallich.jpg  

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    Many thanks for the JAWA extract, Mike, greatly appreciated!

    Here is my archived link for the Nurfluegel site in return, you can see at least some tiny pictures.

    It seems that my mystery is listed there but probably with a wrong designation.

    And for those who are interested, here is my archived link with the Argentinian experimental registrations, unfortunately without pictures.

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    Thnak you for those links, Robert

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    I suspect that Mike hasn't identified the flying wing because there's no-one in the picture wearing a beret or waving a green bottle whilst muttering that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder! I used to have a Volvo with the same designation as the aeroplane.

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    Robert's flying wing is French (I just bookmarked it this week): Nieuport-Delage NiD-940

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    Probably we have the same source, Uli.

    It is the Nieuport NiD-940

    Next mystery, please.

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    here is one that, according to that number, might have been built more than once:
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    According to the book by Tuncay Deniz, 24 of this model were ordered by THK, but after a fatal testing crash, the order was cancelled. 12 machines had already been built and were absorbed into the Nuri Demirag Sky Flight School.

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    that's all correct
    over to Chris

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    Happy Thanksgiving from US and a generic biplane

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    Kreider-Reisner C-3 ?

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