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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  1. #19251
    Not sure what else it could be? The factory was taken over by Berliner in the late 1920's but no mention of a Berliner F-boat.

    Found your photo in a Virginia Aviation Book:

    Will be curious to see what you have it as!

  2. #19252
    I had it as Berliner C-M-9 Flying Boat

    I'll have to go back and see if I can find where I found that.

    Also had a 1931 date for it. The Forum is yours.


  3. #19253
    And you all say French aeroplanes are confusing!

  4. #19254

  5. #19255
    Nice find Mike.

    Up next, something less confusing.

  6. #19256
    Caudron C.289/2 Phalène with Hispano 5Q (Wright R-450).

    In the Colonies somewhere !

  7. #19257
    Spot on Mike. Five to the Belgian Congo.

  8. #19258
    Thanks Kevin. How about this psychedelic floater ? Extra beer if you can tell me where....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails jazzyf.jpg  

  9. #19259
    That is a Vickers Vildebeest built by CASA in service with the Spanish Republican Forces.

  10. #19260
    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    That is a Vickers Vildebeest built by CASA in service with the Spanish Republican Forces.
    That's it, Robert - in Barcelona !

  11. #19261
    Thanks, Mike, two beer are just perfect now.

    Here is another biplane of about the same vintage.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-167.jpg  

  12. #19262
    Lublin R-IX

  13. #19263
    I‘m impressed, Uli!

    It is the one and only Lublin R.IX.

    Over to the Black Forest

  14. #19264
    Here you go with a monoplane
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails x2x2x2.jpg  

  15. #19265
    That gear just doesn't look long enough ! The tubby Macchi MB323, Uli.

  16. #19266
    The Macchi MB.323 it is! Later it looked less ungainly.

  17. #19267
    Thanks Uli. We haven't had an aggie for ages, so here's a nice shiny one...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails shiny1.jpg  

  18. #19268
    I think, this won't continue to shine for long, here.

  19. #19269
    Hi Mike
    The first of the Texas Aggies. The AG-1 by Fred Weick and built by personnel of the Texas A&M College.

  20. #19270
    All yours, Walter, (Úli being modest here,,)

  21. #19271
    A parasol wing. In her short life she used 3 different engines. That info must help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails quiz parasol radial.jpg  

  22. #19272
    Could that be the Van Lith IV?

  23. #19273
    Hi pomme homme
    Sorry, not one of the Jean van Lith series. But you are Sherlocking in the right country!

  24. #19274
    According to the prop: the Eleaume RE.I with her Salmson engine in 1975

  25. #19275
    hi giruxx

    She is!. Later engines were a Beaussier and a Continental A65.
    You need a new SH cap or is the old gone still okay?
    BTW, do you have (another) pic of the RE-1?

    Your turn please

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