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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    You think right, Kevin!

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    Thanks Uli.

    Don't think we have seen this one before. If so, my search attempts were clumsy.

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    Lorraine Hanriot LH-41.1?

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    Actually I did post an L.H.41 - some 11 years ago ! It was, however, the posh later version , much cleaned-up.

    It ran for quite a while - nobody guessed it - wouldn't happen these days !
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    I rather like the primitive original - in that it looks like an Avro Avian monoplane on steroids!

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    You got it Mike!

    There was another version that seemed to have a cabin area. It appears to have small windows on the sides anyways.
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    Thank you, Kevin. Staying with the racing theme, here's something that was, perhaps, more elegant than successful.

    And similarly, I don't believe that this has appeared here before (which probably will prove to be a cue for lefty to tell me that he used in the last century!).

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    Isn’t this the Nennig C-5 which we had here already in 2017?

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    Indeed it is - and I must be using the same search engine as Kevin. Either that, or this forum's posts don't show up when using the mainstream search engines. Maybe I should just stick with obscure French homebuilt aeroplanes!

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    Scroll up to the top of the page - 'Search Thread', and type in Nennig. Works for me !

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    Open house please, as I shall be away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Scroll up to the top of the page - 'Search Thread', and type in Nennig. Works for me !
    I'm glad it works for someone!

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    Ok, let's try this one.
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    It is the Comte.

    Over to you, Chris

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    a floater under construction.

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    While we are waiting for Chris - can anybody help ? I have been plagued with this problem which makes Aviafrance virtually unusable.

    I enter the site, go through the menu, then click on one particular aircraft. It then hangs interminably, and this appears bottom left - why ? I don't even use Facebook !
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    Having tried a moment ago, it works perfectly for me. I'm tempted to say scroll up to the top of the page ..... but I won't!

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    No problem here as well.
    Have you tried to empty the cache, Mike?
    Sometimes this helps with problems when opening sites.

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    Tried all the usual things - reckon it is a Firefox problem..

    Anyway, back to Chris' floater*. Slightly vexatious, this one - the vertical fin profile is unusual, and most of all, that insignia is slightly baffling - looks like Spanish, or Romanian... But the engineers look American !

    *assuming, of course, it IS a floater !

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    My browser is Firefox.

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    Chris' mystery - stab in the dark - Curtiss Model BA ?

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    It's American but not Curtiss.


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    Alexandria Briggs F-19?

    Think I found another photo of the factory floor:
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    The Factory is in Alexandria but not Briggs.

    Good Find


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