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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Yes, but there are subtle differences! No Piaggio though.

    Chris got it! The Macchi M.40

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    Uli that's a nice pix of the M.40 I haven't seen Is it a clean copy? I would like a original copy. Looks like the M.40 had helium in the wings.

    Another Biplane.

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    G'day campers. That is a Woodson Sport 3-A.

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    That she is have fun with the next one.


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    Ah, that is the Dussot, Félix Bosano's entry for the Marine Aircraft Competition at Deauville, 1913. It apparently got off the water, took a nose dive and sank...

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    Spot on Mike! There was a reason it wore the number 13 I guess.

    Over to the lowlands.

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    Thanks Kevin - glad you didn't offer me a brew. I've just returned from judging ciders in the Kingdom of Fife Beer Festival. Tough work, that, but someone's got to do it.......

    Here's a stuffy dame who has chugged into this forum before, but many, many years ago.
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    That looks like the De Havilland Doncaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Thanks Kevin - glad you didn't offer me a brew.
    Apologies Mike, I was on my phone when I replied and could not pull up the icons menu. At least you didn't need it.

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    As you say, Kevin ! Robert is spot-on with the ungainly de Havilland - over to him - (a nice vintage cider...)

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    Thanks, Mike!
    At least the Doncaster monoplane seems to have been an improvement over the De Havilland biplanes like the DH.34.
    Maybe the time wasn't ripe for such a "modern" design...

    Here is another biplane.
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    From a well known manufacturer.

    At least 2 planes of the type were built.

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    The Glenn Martin 70 Commercial

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    Spot on, Uli, it is the Martin 70 Commercial.

    Next mystery, please.

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    Here comes my offer:
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    Have the photoshop mice been at that tail, Uli, or is that the correct shape ?

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    I can’t tell. The source is famous for the use of touch-ups. I don’t have seen any other picture of the craft, so far.

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    From a still (mainly for his engines) well-known manufacturer.

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    Apart from his sport aircraft he built only radial engines, AFAIK
    The company disappeared after WW2. Founder died in 1957.

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    Maybe an old Salmson?

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    Could this be the Kinner Coupe from 1926 ?

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    No it can't because mine is a two-seater (but you are barking up the right tree!)

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    That did it.

    I kept looking for a 3-seater!
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