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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The Fiat TR.1, me thinks

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    It is the Fiat, Uli.

    Over to the Black Forest!

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    how about a sleekly twin?
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    Reid & Sigrist RS.3 Desford?

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    Full hit pomme homme That's her.

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    Thank you, Uli. Now from a sleek twin to a tiny single seater. And to compensate for the grainy nature of the photos, here are two of that aeroplane.

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    France or Algeria Mike?

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    I'll leave you to toss a coin, Kevin!

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    This mystery comes from a place famous for the bubbles in its wine. The three gentlemen behind it - who each contributed an initial to its designation - had plans to produce a two seat version which, apparently, would have looked like a Minicab, but I've seen no evidence of these plans having come to fruition.

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    Hi pommehomme
    The Mangin-Cuvelier-Ruin (in that order) because cause I have her as MCR-1?. 45hp Persey II engine and reportedly first flown September 1951.
    No F-P.... known to me.
    Maybe name is spelled Mengin. This name is also connected, I think, with a 1947 sportplane with a 27hp AVA engine, but have no photo.

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    You've got it, Walter. Over to you.

    She's the Mangin MRC.1 built in Reims by Messrs Mangin (this is the spelling given in contemporary reports and Pierre Gaillard's book), Ruin and Cuvelier and first flown in September 1951. I haven't traced a CNRA or CDN registration mark being attributed to her or anything of her subsequent history.

    I know nothing of the 1947 Mengin Sport Plane. Can you let me know what you know about it, please?

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    Thank you pommehomme
    All I know of the 1947 Manging is that it was reported as a single-seater with 27hp AVA two-stroke engine and builder Guy Mangin. No photo sorry.

    Next challenge is a light light twin. The designer/builder has more aircraft (all single engine) to his name.
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    Sorry wout et al. See post #17775

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    Hi giruXX
    Sorry for my mistake. I work with a list I use for the quiz and forgot to remove this one, hence the double use.
    Whilst I feel very sorry for myself , can you please post the next one because in fact you solved it!

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    something easy then:
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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    something easy then:
    I'm almost certain I'm wrong but...Focke Wulf 44E ?

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    It is the Fw 44

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    ... albeit not the "E" but a license version in South America with an inverted DH Gipsy engine

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    Yes, of course!

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    Here goes. Have fun!

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    You should delete the registration in your next mystery, however, in this case that would have been a fruitless effort.
    That is the new Textron Scorpion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    You should delete the registration in your next mystery, however, in this case that would have been a fruitless effort.
    That is the new Textron Scorpion.
    Spot on. I didn't think hiding the reg would keep it secret for long. Cheers!
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    Thanks, e.a.

    Back to biplanes again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabulousfour View Post
    Thanks, e.a.

    Back to biplanes again.
    Hi Robert!
    There are a million of look-alikes...could that be a Manfred Weiss WM10A?

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