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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Arezzo (Italy) one of the beautiful tuscan hilltowns
    Quote Originally Posted by wout View Post
    A nice little twin.
    Hi Walter
    Champion "Lancer"? But don't quote me my knowledge of modern aircrafts is close to nil! I was fortunate enough to stumble on it on another very old forum which I discarded long time ago.…

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    Hi Carlo
    Sorry, but no relationship with the Lancer. She is from a different country.
    If it helps, ca. 2010 and Subaru engines

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    The twin is the Fefolov F-5 by Igor Fefolov from Russia.
    Mr. Fefolov built/flew at least 3 other planes, the F-1, F-3 and F-007 single-seaters

    open House, please

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    While you are looking for the combination of your vault, here is another twin
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails quiz another twin.jpg  

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    Aerosamara F-41 Elbrus

  6. #17781
    hi giruXX
    That is her.

    Looking forward to your next challenge

  7. #17782
    Thank you Wout.
    Curious to see who knows this one.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails t5t5t5.jpg  

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    Methinks this is the Wyandotte Pup, the predecessor of the Porterfield Flyabout.

  9. #17784
    Indeed, it's her. Enjoy a

  10. #17785
    Thanks, Uli.

    Here is another high-winger.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-108.jpg  

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    Think of a person of a lower noble rank...

  12. #17787
    Not in aerofiles.

    About a dozen of this plane were built with different engines, at least two of them seem to be airworthy.

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    Robert- At first glance I thought it was something Italian. Still think that (sort of) but have not had any luck.

    I'm too thick to get your first clue.

  14. #17789
    Not from Italy, Kevin, but from a country with a border to it.

    The best known aviation company of this country has quite a reputation for its trainers and cargo/utility aircraft.

    My first clue relates to the name of the aircraft designer which is equal to a European noble rank in a certain language...

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    from the markings on the tail I thought from the first it was Swiss. Is it Comte AC-4


  16. #17791
    It is the Comte!
    Two of the eleven built planes were in flying condition recently, the one shown with a Cirrus Major engine, the other one with a Genet Major radial.

    Over to you, Chris

  17. #17792
    another one that looks like but isn't.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WOTSept16.jpg  

  18. #17793
    Any relation to France because the white spot on the fin looks like the bird logo on the Gatard Statoplan AG-01 L'Alouette?

  19. #17794
    To me it looks more like a Brochet MB.83 or 84.

  20. #17795
    from the new world and not in aerofiles.


  21. #17796
    ... not in my vault, either

  22. #17797
    Early prototype of the Neiva L-7 Campeiro ?

  23. #17798
    Lefty right company. A little more time to see if you can come up with type.


  24. #17799
    Just got in from work. It's been 48hrs so it's the Neiva CAP-4C Paulistinha Radio
    Open House


  25. #17800
    lot's of modifications just for a little radio

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