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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    A guess - because, so far, I've failed to find a photograph against which to compare - but perhaps the Caudron C.37?

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    Pretty close, Mike, but not the C.37.

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    I am thinking of the the Caudron C.39

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    That was the right thought, the C.39 it is!

    Enjoy your pint

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    Here comes my next, enjoy:
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    Wout, paging Wout...please report to the mystery plane thread...

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    Moses it’s closer to your nose than to Wouts!

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    hi giruXX
    I am in doubt. Would Kevin`s and my nose have to travel to PA?

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    It's a one-off, all metal airplane from a state next to Texas with respect to its total area.
    The company apparently never produced any other aircraft.

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    Hi giruXX
    I think I found her, the National Sport Aircraft (NSA) Genie aerobatic trainer (N1843)

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    Hi wout,

    I gladly agree

    over to the Netherlands

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    I was in doubt because the Genie looks very much like this one (which is from PA).
    Main differences are mid wing (Genie) versus low wing and the u/c members are on the fuselage (Genie) and not in the wing.
    I understand that the challenge was not intended as a sport aircraft in the first place
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    Year of first flight 1957. The registration of this single-seater was cancelled only in 2014.
    She was born at a PA airfield that housed Kaiser-Fleetwings.

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    This is another view, now with (temporary) wing endplates.
    The aircraft was sort of PoC for a light COIN aircraft.
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    N65X was the SP-1, a joint effort by Engle Flying Service and HPK Associates (Harold Hayden, Arthur Payne and Robert Kinney,hence HPK).
    A planned 2-sesat version was never built.

    OH please

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    Here is a pusher that has come to grief.

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    I am wondering what uncle SAM would say

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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    I am wondering what uncle SAM would say
    Hello Uli!
    Москалев (Moskalev)?
    Carlo (BG)

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    Uli knows this one so let's move on. Over to the Black Forest.

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    ..... and for we mere mortals who do not, an identity would add to our knowledge

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    It’s the Pattist-Walraven PW-1, PK-SAM:

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    now comes a true warplane:
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    Thank you, Uli. Is yours an AEG G.II?

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    According to my source this should not be an AEG, sorry

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    No, it's a Letord - probably 2 or 4 - difficult to say - but they have removed the nose wheel and stuck in a camera - or perhaps a searchlight ?

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