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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Well done Wout ! C.S.S.12 it is. to you - a new mystery please !

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    Dear Lefty,
    I am abroad right now and have no access to my own PC.
    Can I ask you to post the next one on my behalf. I will be back home next Friday,
    Thank you in advance.
    regards, Wout

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    Certainly, Wout. Enjoy your trip.

    Here is an ungainly chap.

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    Yak 18A ? It doesn't look right, though...

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    It is not a Yak, Yann. It is, by the way, a military aircraft.

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    I think you got me on this one. Can't seem to find a foothold.

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    It is a bit obscure. American, though, all the way from sunny Pasadena.

    It is a Fletcher CQ-1A aerial target control aircraft.

    This is much easier....

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    ...................I can do the easy ones.......

    Miles M33 Monitor

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    10/10 for the Miles. Carry on, please ! Enjoy a while I can still afford one ! (Wee in-joke - for those outside the UK, our tartan government wants to raise drink prices to cut down boozing in Scotland. My halo has not slipped completely in this department.)

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    ................thanks for budget booze (you can get twice the recommended weekly intake of alcohol for less than 10.00 I hear.....)

    ..........Anyhoo - another one that looks straight off the Merry-go-Round.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sopwith Chameleon View Post
    (you can get twice the recommended weekly intake of alcohol for less than 10.00 I hear.....)
    It'sh the only thing that keepsh us old penshioners going, don't y'know. Three litres of White Lightning an' I'll take on anybody.......hic.

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    Merry-go-round bipe is a Wright-Martin K-3 methinks. Also found it listed as a Martin K-3 & KF-1.

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    ...............or the Martin Bluebird............

    have a cold one

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    Thanks SC.

    When in Rome...

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    This very neat little cantilever biplane is a Darmstadt D-22. A stein of ,some nice wurst and a dose of oompah music please, Kevin !

    This is next one is another doddle for most of you. I shall have to work on some real stinkers as this forum is becoming very sophisticated !

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    The southern California scrub is a dead giveaway- Convair L-13A.

    on the D-22

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    Fire away. for the Consolidated Vultee.

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    Back to twin boom pusherville. Bonus points for the little one-

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    We have two elderly British ladies here, the larger of the two being the Henderson H.S.F.1, and its wee sister the Henderson-Glenny H.S.F.II Gadfly.

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    Lefty scores big here. Well done! Thought the pusher looked American (except maybe the engine).

    Have at it-

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    The Henderson was also seen with a large greenhouse attached to the nose.

    But to move on - what is this ? - a diificult view, but we'll see if I need to put up a sideways elevation !

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    Actually, it isn't, Kevin, but you are very close.

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    Duh! It's the Fairchild XBQ-3. Not too many options with the Ranger V-770 engines. Another drone eh?

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    Lefty has shuffled off to bed no doubt.

    Moving on with the curious number...

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