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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I was thinking of a western european country which seems to specilise in ugly aircraft!

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    I have a feeling that is the trap Moses is corralling us into.................

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    Not a trap, just trying to save some research time. Actually it's not European at all...

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    The guy in the straw hat does look rather like Marcel Proust... He seems to be saying "But I thought you said we could get a skinny latte and pain au chocolat if we landed 'ere, Gaston! Sacre bleu, it is ze midi of nowhere. Tiens, tiens, tiens!"

    Could the aircraft be South American? Perhaps a bit late for old Santos Dumont, but maybe still from Brazil or Argentina?

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    I think it is Mexican. Could be the 6-E-136 Quetzalcoatl-Liberty ?

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    Time to move along. You were close Lefty. It is a TNCA Series H from Mexico.

    Next one-

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    I think you may find, Kevin, that your 'Series H' and my 6-E-136, are one and the same thing. Janes and several websites have conflicting information about the TNCA !

    We need some research here. Who is closest to Mexico ? Never been there, maybe we could go on a joint Mexican Historical Aviation Survey ? Lots of tequila !

    Oh, by the way, your new one is a Columbia XJL-1.

    (or, as it is sometimes known, a Snickendorfer Splashbaby Mk IV.)

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    Interesting. I didn't come across "6-E-136 Quetzalcoatl-Liberty" at any point.

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    for Lefty on the ungainly floater!

    As far as the Mexican mystery, I think the 6-E was a slightly different model going by scant info I have found so far but will credit you with another beer for suppling us with your detective work.

    Over to you-

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    I still want a trip to Acapulco..................

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    Where I can maybe use one of these ! (my favourite theme - floater/pushers)

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    Seems to fit right in with the Grumman Duck/Colonial Skimmer/Lake Renegade family, except the engine is in a different position..

    No more time to search though as I'm leaving on a short holiday to Turkey tomorrow! :d
    Intel i7-7770K Kaby Lake @4.2Ghz, Cooler Master 212 Evo, 16 Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM, Asus ROG Strix Z270H motherboard, Asus RTX 2070 Turbo 8Gb, Cooler Master 700 Watt PSU, Windows 10 64-bit.

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    Have a great break, Ferry ! (Never been to Turkey yet).

    Grumman Duck ????? Er, wasn't that a biplane with a tractor engine ??

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    Let's try a Grumman G-65 Tadpole ?

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    A glass of something appropriate for the weather for &Co - a nice old Calvados, perhaps ?
    Me, I've actually been roasting chestnuts by the fire this afternoon - winter is here !
    Over to you sir. Tadpole it was indeed.

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    Aww - thanks Lefty, a nice old Calvados would do nicely, providing it comes along with a nice cup of black hot coffee.
    Winter it is not yet in tropical Normandy, but a windy cloudy cold autumn for sure.

    Here's anuvver pusher, though not a floating wun:

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    Annoying one, this, I know I've seen it but...........

    Difficult to put an age on it, even, but when our resident pusher ace gets back from whichever TexMex saloon he's been languishing in, maybe all will be revealed !

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    I'm still trying to figure out why the Tadpole in Lefty's pic had Bellanca-like rudderettes and all the other pictures I found didn't.

    No luck on the flying wing.

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    The Bellanca Rudderettes. Sounds like a Busby Berkeley dance troupe.
    Can't shed any light on them, however - the Francillon Grumman book doesn't mention them.

    &Co has scored a point here, methinks. Surrender time !

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    No surrending between partners of the Vieille Alliance, Lefty, but I understand that mystery leaves you clueless

    Any other taker ?

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    Nothing personal, &Co, but the Vieille Alliance was a load of tosh. The French were cozying up to the Scots in the thirteenth century, in order to drive a wedge between us and the English, thereby rendering Britain easier to invade ! Devious as ever !

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    Tosh ? I suspect the meaning but can't find the word in my Oxford...
    Anyway, and as usual with alliances, it was just a question of mutual interest(s). The Scots did find some utility in the Auld Alliance at the time, don't you think ?
    But doan worry any longer, you do NOT have the double scot-french nationality anymore (but you and your likes are nonetheless warmly welcome down 'ere)

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    We are getting perilously off-topic here, but Chamber's Dictionary defines 'tosh' as 'bosh, twaddle, nonsense.' I think you get the drift.

    Anyway, I think Moses has pulled down the Lone Star flag over the Alamo, and has raised, as I have, a white one. Don't know who else is out there these days, but they have had most of the weekend, so maybe you had better put us out of our misery.

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    White flag here too.

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    Back to non-perilous topic then, the mystery flying wing is a 1933 Nieuport Delage NiD 940. It did take off but didn't fly long.
    Ssssllllrrrppp (sound of someone sipping a 100-year old Cognac)

    Quite a classy one, for a change:

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