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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    TNCA 3-E-130.

    I try to keep tabs on our neighbors to the South.

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    for Moses. I didn't think it was THAT easy

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    It's back to twin-boom pusherville...

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    Now this is the legendary Lester Finkelbaum with his PintaFlyer Mk1 which he built in his garage in Albuquerque. Remove the wings and tail unit, and it turns into a perfectly normal milk float.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Now this is the legendary Lester Finkelbaum with his PintaFlyer Mk1
    Uh, no but nice try! The country is correct though.

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    My first impression was that is the infamous 'Havant Aclew'

    PS, is that a DH Puss Moth or Leopard Moth in the hangar? It certainly has the distinctive DH fin

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    Joking aside, could it possibly be a 'Whatsit' made by Waldo Waterman?

    On further investigation, I don't think it is a Whatsit, but the cabin does look very similar, so perhaps a modified Whatsit?

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    It's not a Waterman effort.

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    OK then, how about a Stout Skycar?

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    Yep, thats it. This one is a modified Skycar I.

    sandar Over to you Sir. (Lefty was being a bit modest on this one)

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    Here is a nice looking racer

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    A favorite of mystery plane threads. The Latvian VEF I-16.

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    Moses, Have you hacked my PC, or are you an encyclopedia:ques:

    Anyway have a
    Time for another to the library

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    Thanks sandar. Certain planes come up from time to time and the I-16 is one of them. Lefty is the encyclopedia, I'm just the guy who sweeps up at night.

    Now for something completely different...

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    Nothing on this one yet - I started off assuming it naturally was American, but I wonder ?

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    It hails from your side of the pond...

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    Oh dear, I'm having to log in every time now..............

    Think I'll surrender here - not too good on the modern stuff - think it might be Russian ?

    Anyone else ?

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    Not Russian. Did you notice the very small sponsons?

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    I had noticed them, not sure they help too much though!

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    Sponsons normally means Dornier...........

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    Sorry guys, had a migraine today and have only just had a look. :isadizzy:

    My first thoughts were German and Dornier immediately sprang to mind, so did Grob.
    I can't see any evidence of wheels, so that means a true flying boat, not an amphibian.

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    I feel your pain sandar. Have suffered from migraines on and off since I was about 11yrs old. Miserable times.

    This one is a bit obscure so I think I will move it along. It's a Poschel P-420. Was a testbed for the Equator P-300.

    Onward with this dandy biplane-

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    I don't think I would have ever got the Poschel. After you revealed the answer, I 'Googled' 'Poschel' and only got three relevant results, two of which resulted in the same page (password protected) and one that didn't load properly!

    Fortunately I don't get too many migraines, normally one, possibly two a year and, according to my doctor, they are mild ones (could have fooled me).
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    Now for a look at the mystery biplane.

    Grumman(ish)/ Curtiss(ish) undercarriage, bubble canopy (Canadian?), possibly a Canadian car and Foundry FDB-1

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    Blast! Beat me to it - although I could actually claim it as I think it is FBD-1 !
    Well done Sandar.

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    I have just browsed through a few pages of books and the internet and have found that it is variously described as FDB-1 and FBD-1. Dunno which is correct. Dyslexia or incompetence rules KO

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