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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Molto bene, signore Americano, grande testa di cazzo.......

    Savoia S.52 she be. Over to the Alamo.

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    This one I can assure you, does not hail from Italy...

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    This one was designed for a long distance flight that never came to pass.

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    A resounding thud!

    This is an early 1930's American effort, the Rankin EX-1. (Thought it had a European look to it).

    How about another twin?

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    From an American one-off to a Brit ditto.

    G-AEOG, the Hordern-Richmond Autoplane.

    Not a resounding success - with two 40hp motors, hardly surprising !

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post

    G-AEOG, the Hordern-Richmond Autoplane.
    Yes, yes, yes.

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    A wee jet for a change...(not a homebuild )

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    This of course is the Caproni C-22J.

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    Of course it is. . (Well, actually, the Caproni-Vizzola C-22J)

    Don't think there's anyone else out there, Kevin.........

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    Let's try this speedy looking parasol number...

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    Not the Farman 1001 ?

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    An Amiot one-off?

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    Not an Amiot either. The wagons are circling...

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    But sadly the cavalerie are too late to ride to the rescue.

    Potez 28/M.

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    for Lefty on the Potez. Over to the lowlands-

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    It's been nearly a week since we had a nice floater - here's two for the price of one !

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    I think the floater in the background is a Levy-Besson Alerte. Not sure on the twin hull job.

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    The background machine is indeed a Levy-Besson 200 hp - well spotted. According to my very rusty French, 'Alerte' was a sort of rapid-response maritime aviation programme to which several types were designed (FBA, Paul Schmitt, etc). Maybe Yann, Wout or someone could tell us more.

    However, surprise surprise, you have hit on the right part of the world. The twin-hull, however, is not in 'that' site........

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    Only French twin hull floater I can find from this period is the Labourdette-Halbronn HT-1 & 2.

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    Very similar, but the Halbronns were of course triplanes. This is the L.A.F. Torpilleur designed by a M. Desmons.

    It appears the French had nothing much else to do in 17/18 but churn out seaplanes - there are dozens of them.

    Can't come up with anything fresh just now, so open house, chaps !

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    Here's an early private jet:
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    That would be the Cessna 407

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    For all fans of somewhat grainy, slightly out of focus airplane pictures......

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    Not exactly being trampled in the rush to post an answer to this shabby old crate, then !

    Looks like something cobbled up in the Third World from old Curtiss and Boeing parts. Scrubby landscape doesn't appear to give a clue - or does it ?

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