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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Something odd going on here - when I looked at the thread, James' Spartan quote was the last post - now they keep appearing from out of the blue! That wee gremlin must be lurking still in there, Ickie !

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    I realised that as soon as I checked to see if there was a radial version. Just the first low wing trimotor (other than the Ju52) which popped into my head.

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    Lefty, have you visited National Museum of Flight at East Fortune? I have never been there. It is too far away for me to visit on a day trip, but is it worth a long weekend in Lothian?

    I am far too spoilt for choice where I live as I have at least 6 world class aviation museums within a little over an hours drive. Not to mention the annual Moth rally at Woburn.

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    East Fortune is good but probably not worth a long trip, as you say. Unfortunately they decided to put a lot of resources, i.e. cash, into getting a ruddy Concorde (which has absolutely no Scottish connection) and everything else is shoved away in tatty hangars. A motley collection but some relative rarities like the Me163 and G.A. Cygnet, as well as a Bolingbroke which is actually being worked on.

    I was down at a special open day recently where the curator took us behind the scenes - the engine and prop room is a bit special.

    Also found myself last week in another museum - anyone know where this is ?

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    That would be North East Air Museum.

    Another one on my list to visit (which also includes East Fortune).

    The Concorde is a double edged sword, they have moved a lot of stuff into other hangars but everything is indoors and Concorde is what brings in a lot of the money (so I'm told) to cover the costs of looking after the other stuff.

    I hear their workshop hangar is bigger than our display hangar! (I heard there is even room to park your car in the hangar, so no wandering halfway across the museum with your toolbox in winter)

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    Thanks sandar.

    This fellow is obviously proud of his rugged aeroplane-

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    Now I think I've posted one of these before in a different guise. I think it's an Egyptian Hawker Audax with Panther engine. (Curiously omitted from the Putnam Hawker by Mason)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    I think it's an Egyptian Hawker Audax with Panther engine. (Curiously omitted from the Putnam Hawker by Mason)
    Hmm, well maybe that's because it is in my Putnam Avro volume as a Avro 674. I can't tell the difference between the Audax Mk. X & the 674.

    " view of the amount of redesign, allotted their own type number Avro 674."

    Good call on the Panther X. Over to the Scotsman-

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    If memory serves correctly (old age and senility are conspiring against me now ), the original specification for the aeroplane, which spawned the 'Fury' series from Hawker, specified a radial engine requirement, later altered to the R.R. Kestrel.

    Oh, I have found the beers (told you about the senility, didn't I?)

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    Yes, I remember it now - my Jane's of the period still calls it a Hawker, but Moses is right. I'll take the beer anyway ! (although in the real world, I am sworn off it for a while till my waistline reaches acceptable proportions again)

    Right, lets move around a bit...

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    Thinking maybe USA but not sure at all. Hmm...

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    I too, though American, but there are similarities to the Fokker Super Universal, except the mystery one is more modern.

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    Ooooh, I'm loving this.................:d

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    I think it is maybe hint time.

    I can gleefully tell you it is EAST EUROPEAN !

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    I know it's European, I also know it's an ICAR IAR-36 Commercial from Romania

    Or if you prefer it is a license built Messerschmitt M-36.

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    Another of something appropriate is pulled in Buckinghamshire. I.A.R.-36 she is. Our resident Eastern Horror specialists are slipping.

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    Not too sure if this is easy or not

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    Well it is one that features in my Polish book - a PZL P.50/1 Jastrab 1. Too little, too late, for the Poles, sadly.

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    No scotch, only guiness and lager.

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    Thanks - been clearing up in the garden - thirsty work- glorious day here.

    Here's a quickie which should last about 5 minutes

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    Looks remarkably like an Airspeeed Queen Wasp. I'll be a bit red faced if it isn't. I didn't bother to check.

    I always thought it was a waste of good looking aeroplane and a shame it had to shot at. Anyone wondering what I am taling about, it was designed as a pilotless target drone for the RAF and RN

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    No blushes necessary, Sandar - it's a Queen Wasp. Normally seen with floats, of course.

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    'Glorious day' there, bah! It's freezing & drizzle all day down here. Some of us are slaving over a hot scenery library!

    Where's your next mystery, Mike?

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    It's up to Sandar, Ralf.

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    I very nearly dropped a brick and named the Wasp as Queen Bee. I wasn't getting the aeroplanes mixed up, just their names :redf:. Caught the error before I posted the answer though.

    Anyway, have a go at tis little beauty

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