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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    This is a one-off from Europe.

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    By Jove, 'tis a Heinkel 20 ! (Not, according to my sources, a trainer...)

    'Infamous bomber' ? Surely not the dear old 111 ? Or the not-so-dear 177 ?

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    Your sources might be more accurate. Maybe a trainer/observation plane? But indeed the Heinkel H.D.20. And yes on the He 177!

    Fire at will-

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    I have the He20 as a reconnaissance & surveying machine - floor-mounted cameras etc.

    Here's a familiar-looking transport. Or is it ?

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    Could this be the LET L-400?
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    No, Ferry. Don't know much about the LET-400, but the LET-410 has a very circular fuselage, and this one is definitely square ! Not A Czech production.

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    No clue really. Something from Eastern Europe maybe?

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    It is not European at all.

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    It seems you got us all left!
    A longshot, maybe a Short 360 (C-23 prototpype) with smaller windows?)

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    On second thought I think the cockpit area does not match with the Short.
    My final bid: "Something" from Harbin Aircraft , PRC

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    Right, if Wout and Moses are out of ideas, I think we'll move on. Wout was getting close...

    This is (wait for it) the Nanchang Jing Gang Shan-4 ! (same designer as the Ring Ting Dingaling, you all cry....) It never got past prototype stage in 1970.

    Now, for all you floater lovers , one ahead of its time..

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    On reflection, not much to go on in that pic. Here's another..

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    That the Kirkham Air Yacht?

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    Kirkham Air Yacht it is, although The Jane's of the period refers to it as the 'Air Boat' . Quite a snazzy number for 1925, don't you think ?

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    For 1925, agreed that it looked ahead of it's time. Found some info in the Flight archives.

    Here is one that is armed and dangerous.....well maybe not that dangerous...

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    Well if that wasn't designed by our Anthony, it was somebody looking over his shoulder..........

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    In this case you might look for that guy over the shoulder...

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    <thinking out loud> Has some "Russian-ness" about it, except for those wheel pants. Then there's the external longitudinal reinforcements reminiscent of a Bloch design. Call me stumped as usual. I'm guessing it was built somewhere around '29 - '32.

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    Don't think it is Russian, or Japanese. Quality of photo and general appearance make me think it is probably an American one-off.

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    DHC2 has the timeframe correct. This is a one-off as far as I know.

    Here she is with cowl rings on and possibly re-engined and given another designation.

    Oh, and not from USA or Russia...

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    Not Japanese either...

    This one is from a small but not obscure outfit. Will reveal tomorrow unless someone figures it out.

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    Built by SPCA perhaps? Jeez, where do you dig these moldy things up from??? You're killin' me. LOL

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    Ok, ok.

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    DHC2 was on the right track, this one is the ANF Les Mureaux 120. The cowled version might be the 121 but I have no proof of that.

    Five seater airliner anyone?

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