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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Ok..another newer aircraft..this rather sleek aircraft.

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    GA fans, it's all yours.............

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    Wout....paging Wout....

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    I hope I will not disappoint you.
    I call it the Falcomposite LNB27RG Furio RG prototype (ZK-LLG) of New Zealand.
    The beautiful lines (and name) should disclose that the designers are (likely) from Italian descent (L & G Nustrini and L. Ancelotti). I think it is a very nice look-a-like of the Falco FL-8, but this time made of composite materials.

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    Wow that was the a complete and correct answer wout..yes the designers are of Italian decent and are the current importers of the Tecnam microlights for NZ and Australia and they aslo own an original Falco.

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    We're out of our timewarp, Kevin. The paint on this thing is hardly dry........

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    Let's be happy new planes are still developed every day. Just imagine the supply dries up and we are without (at least) one hobby
    This twin is postwar and the cowlings could give an idea where it is NOT from.

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    Capital No. 1 Sha-Tu ?

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    You got it Lefty!

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    Gents- Had a complete computer crash on Sat. I will be scarce in these parts for awhile. Have net access here at work on a limited basis for now.

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    Sorry to hear about the crash, Kevin, having just had one myself (the joys of watercooling - fine as long as it don't leak !)

    Hope the missus is better too....

    In the meantime, who is the possessor of this unlovely snout ?

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    PZL M-4 Tarpan?

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    Let's call this one Number 54

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    Shades of Pilatus, a bit of Arado.....Hmmm............

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    ...and a pinch of Zlin.

    I'm not very good of keeping track of these post-war trainers. So many look the same!

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    Some hints in the Zlin/Arado-like trainer.
    It is postwar, the country of birth is close to that of Lefty's previous post and (part of) the Model number is written on the aircraft itself.

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    Hmmm, I have 57 different aircraft in my database with the numbers 54 in the model. Unfortunately NONE are a match. She's a stinker.

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    This is the Letov XLA-54 from the CSSR. It first flew 1950 and was (reportedly) a "upgraded'' Avia XLE-10 of a few years earlier.
    Engine was a 580hp M-411R (local Argus Afs-411).

    Am in the process of upgrading my PC and would ask for OPEN HOUSE:

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    Thanks for the info on the Letov. You got us all on that one.

    How about this twin trainer?

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    FYI - Here's a pic of the Avia XLE-10 for comparison's sake - the two birds are nearly identical.

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    This twin is from a well known company better known probably for bombers and transports. Or at least one very infamous bomber.

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    Not too many photos of this one. Here is a rear shot.

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    I'm struggling - perhaps because I have convinced myself this is an American production. Am I right ?

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    A Boeing one-of oddity perhaps?

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