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    FSNext ???......

    From a Portugese/Brazilian FS Site, Voo Virtual ( translated ) :

    Microsoft, through his public-relations, confirmed that the Aces Team is back and the FS11 will be launched by the end of the year with the name of FSNext.
    Excellent news for those who thought that the Flight Simulator was finished.
    According to the company, one of the characteristics of the new FS ATC is a completely repeated, with voice control and support SIDS and STARS.
    We await further developments.


    Message posted 1 April.....

    Sick joke or do Portugese/Brazilians know more than we do.

    My money is on the former for the time being.

    ( nothing turns up when searching for FSNext at Microsoft.com )


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    Just another April Fool's day gag ...move along :costumes:

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    Yep, snake oil info.
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    It can't and won't work that way. ACES members have moved on to new lives and jobs by now. They can't all quit and move again just for a 'new' job doing what they used to. If even a couple people refuse to go back, then the project is jeopardized.

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