So I'm running both P3Dv 4.5 as well as v5. I've ended up using v4.5 mostly, as it can take some aircraft that v5 cannot, & with the same settings, the green grass & other stuff are not as bright as they are in v5. (thinks.. Maybe get rid of v5)

Anyway, My favourite flying at the moment is in Misty Moorings & Tongass. This really appeals to me as there is so much to do & to see. I'm not into tubeliners or jets, and the low 'n slow amphibian flying, for me is great.

Misty Moorings used to be payware, and now that they are supporting FS2020, it's now freeware, along with Tongass, not forgetting Emma Field!!
Have a look here for some great areas to fly in.
Return to Misty Moorings - Home Page

I also found some great scenery here..
FSX/P3D Products | Emerald Scenery Design

Also some great freeware unusual scenery & airstrips. Sometimes, the ReadMe's dont mention the airstrips, and a simple look in the scenery folder reveals their names.

I've set up an Excel sheet with my favourite airfields. My Return To Misty Moorings & Tongass sheet has 50 airstrips & their ICAO's. I've also noted interesting things on the sheet as well
For me, having a listing like this just makes it easier to choose where I want to fly. Being in Excel, I can sort any area as well.

I was getting bored with the usual point to point flying, but finding the above scenery has really put me back in the saddle.