Gmax Calibration Box with 2 bitmap files?
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Thread: Gmax Calibration Box with 2 bitmap files?

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    Gmax Calibration Box with 2 bitmap files?

    I'm in part 8 of the gmax tutorial where a Calibration Box is being built. I have two bitmap files (png files actually), the first has the top, left, and front views and the second has right and bottom views. How do I map the bottom and right sides of the box with a second bitmap file?

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    I was able to combine my bitmaps together with IrfanView, but still curious if I can use multiple files.

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    Nope, nope nope. Apparently there are size limitations to the bitmap? I merged two bitmaps side by side but I can't seem to move the combined bitmap horizontally in the gizmo... I'll try to merge them vertically.

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    Sorry. Started over and I can use the wide bitmap... obviously still learning!

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