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Description: While building my own scenery for the USAFE French AB's with traffic files that fit with the CalClassic era environments (1955-1962) and, along with RAF Burtonwood, RAF Upper Heyford and Wheelus AB in Libya, it became apparent that many of Ian Elliot's sceneries could be integrated (with his permission) into furthuring a more complete version of USAF in Europe (USAFE) involvement in NATO during this time period. This and other enhancements coming will give the user a more complete early rendition of USAFE in 1955-62 time period complete with custom painted aircraft of the period in correct squadron and Wing colors. Many of the Wings represented in this and other sceneries moved around the various bases over this period and these sceneries will reflect that.

The purpose of this update is to provide Traffic and airport enhancements to Ian Elliot's superb RAF Sculthorpe and Alconbury B45 Era sceneries found here at Simhouthouse.com. Both of these must have been previously installed for this update to be effective. They can both be found under FS2004 scenery. You will also need USAFE Retro Aircraft Addon also found here at Simouthouse.com

What you will find in this upgrade.

Four sperate Traffic files for each base and each is different based on the year and aircraft present at the time. Modifications to the scenery to accommodate these traffic enhancements.

See installation guide for complete details.

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