BSK Malta V2 CTD
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Thread: BSK Malta V2 CTD

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    BSK Malta V2 CTD

    Hi Guys,

    I installed BSK Malta V2 for my MTO theater but suffering from constant CTD.
    I read some old posts here mentioned about the issue.
    There is no solutions fond so far for the issue?
    I followed Rami's MTO instlation guide to install all related stuffs there.

    Any help will be appriciated.


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    I recall thi was an issue, resolved many years ago but I have forgotten the solution. All I can remember is that you should retrace your steps and install the Malta scenery in exactly the order and sequence Rami gives. Yes, it can be tricky.
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    As far as I know this problem has never been solved. I first encountered it several years ago, brought up the topic here in the forum, but nobody knew an answer.
    I installed V2 in a new install on a new computer, also some years ago, but the problem is still there. And I'm sure I installed everything in the correct order.

    I tried to narrow it down and found that it always occurred when flying near, or looking towards Valetta.
    I'm not sure anymore, but I think I also tried to deactivate the gsl, and it still crashed.

    I thought that maybe it could be one of the texture files that may be somehow corrupted and causes the sim to crash? Of course my knowledge about scenery is quite limited, so I don't know if such a thing could happen.

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    Just a thought

    Rami uploaded Op Pedestal in 2021. This was an autoinstall, so surely includes Valetta. Maybe an install using this will eliminate the cause of the CTD?

    Or Rami's earlier "Beau's in the Sand", or "Malta Spitfire" from 2016, they're both autoinstalls too...

    Difficult to believe these were always causing CTD's for everybody who downloaded & tried to fly them, so maybe it's some quirk in the way you were building your MTO install...

    Caveat is I've never installed these, or tried to create an MTO install (too great a temptation to tweak )

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    Rather than having four scenery layers for Malta, I have only three in this order:

    BSK_Malta_V2 and Malta1 combined;



    I don't have any problems so it might be worth a try.

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    Guys, thank you for your ideas. I'll try them one of these days.

    For now I'm still busy at Rabaul and in New Guinea, but once the current two projects are finished I plan to go to the Med and do something there.

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    Thanks guys for kind advices.

    I will try to check it again.

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