Repaint request to anybody interested!
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Thread: Repaint request to anybody interested!

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    Repaint request to anybody interested!


    I've found myself loving the seaking as of recently and came across this one flown by the Marina Militare Italiana, i looked to see if somebody had already made a repaint of it and i thought i saw one but after countless hours and hundreds of pages from different websites i couldn't find it;

    I'm gonna be busy for the next couple of weeks so if anybody is interested in giving it a try i'm gonna leave a link to photos of it for reference!

    (I should probably mention the repaint is for the seaking made by alphasim/virtavia)

    Thanks in advance and have a happy weekend.

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    Hi Manuel,
    io ce l'ho, se vuoi te lo passo

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Go to Avsim, search Italian Navy and the repaint is on page 2 done by Mike Pearson.

    Regards Paul Day.
    Ex RAF Sea King fitter.

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    Salve Luca, al tempo ho provato a cercare su vari siti sui quali presente il suo nome ma non ho trovato nulla per l'SH-3 della marina.. Ad ogni modo ora troppo tardi, il giorno stesso che ho postato questo mi si rotto un altro hardisk e ho perso tutto.. La ringrazio lo stesso!

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    Hello mr. Day, thanks a lot for the help, i'm afraid it's in vain.. not long after i posted this my hardisk broke and I've lost everything.. Thanks for the help though it's much appreaciated!

    Also I've never heard of the term ''fitter'' associated to the seaking, I'd like to hear more about that!

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    The term "Fitter" is not specific to the Seaking aircraft. When I joined the RAF in 1975 I enlisted as an Aircraft airframe mechanic. After four years working on Buccaneer's and Jaguar's I was sent to RAF Halton to do a "fitters" course. On completion as a "Junior Technician" I was employed on VC-10's and Tornadoes for the next fourteen years until I had completed my 22 year contract.When I finished working for the MOD (Ministry of Defence) on Tornadoes in 2013 I went to MOD Fleetlands in Gosport Hampshire and worked on all marks of Seaking's (RAF, Royal Marines and Royal Navy) for four years until they were retired from service.

    Regards Paul Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul day View Post
    The term "Fitter" is not specific to the Seaking aircraft. When I joined the RAF in 1975 I enlisted as an Aircraft airframe mechanic. -----
    SO you were initally an airframe journeyman; once you became a fitter, did you specialize in other areas such as powerplants, electrical etc., or just more skilled in airframe (structural) specialties?

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