flight controls joystick miss behaviour
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Thread: flight controls joystick miss behaviour

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    flight controls joystick miss behaviour

    Hallo friends,

    about three years ago I stopped flightsimming because my flight gear did go crazy
    it was always the rudder pedals that become completely eratic and never would go right even after all procedures of calibrating.
    Now I tried to fly by switching an rc transmitter to my pc instead of joystick and pedals
    All was going fine when after a few flights the same symptoms did appear - rudder controls going eratic, no possibility to hold them centered.
    So I presume the problem not comming from the controls them selves but from my pc, perhabs directX corrupted?
    At last I tried something perhaps crasy:
    1. il lifted up my heli, than made "reset flight" > the rudder pedals stayed centered
    2. as soon I touched the stick where the rudder commands are on > eratic behaviour
    3. reset flight again and than tried to command the rudder via the key board > the rudder works fine !

    for some precision for those who knows about a problem like this and would help me
    1. I use windows XP on an old tower pc
    2. I fly on FS2004
    3. my rc transmitter is an old 4ch transmitter and switched to the pc via a cable with a dongle which one is connected to the pc via an usb port

    does some one knows about problems like this and could help me?

    as Im retired my rent is quiet low and to buy completely new flight gear or new pc is impossible.
    also I believe that it is an software problem

    Best regards
    Michael Vader

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    sounds more likely a driver file/ win xp incompatibility issue to me ; but I'm no expert.



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