OT.. Headset sound cutting out....
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Thread: OT.. Headset sound cutting out....

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    OT.. Headset sound cutting out....

    Never experienced this before, all of a sudden, out of the blue, my headset stops working. With a lot of fooling around i got it to work again but after working fine for about an hour it cuts out again in the same all of a sudden out of the blue way. Computer speaker system still works fine...

    My current headset is an Astro A50 wireless headset that, atleast for a year sofar, worked fine. I gave away my former headset to a friend so i can't check if it's the headset or my system that causes this annoying problem.

    In the meantime i learned how to reset this Astro headset and that seemed to work until, after an hour or so, it stopped working again.

    Anyone any clue what could be happing here ? It is now working for about 30 seconds and then cuts out again....!#!!$$%&*&^%!!

    What could be more likely to be the culprit ? The Astro headset or my system ? (the headset does show up in my system's sound menu, no problem there..(

    Thanks a lot for any hint/tip ! (OK, buy a new headset but this thing was pretty expensive, about 250 euro... )

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    Suggest picking up a set of cheapie wireless earbuds or headset and trying them.

    I have an expensive wireless headset also, that only work on one side, fresh out of the box. I couldn't return them, as due to R/L issues, I didn't even open the box till after the warranty was up. Tried my cheapies, they work fine, as well as my wired ones.
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    I have bought more than one headset from Shopgoodwill. Com. My favorite is a Sennheiser, and the sound quality is awesome! Plus the price was a mere fraction of a new one😄 NC

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    Thanks gentlemen ! Holy smoly, 5 bucks for a wireless headset....

    Well, i'm from the Netherlands and we don't have that kind of cheap stuff here. I'd love to try such a cheap thing, wonder what the sound would be like..

    Yes, Sennheiser is the best, i have a wireless for TV, fantastic. But this Astro wireless headset is quite fantastic too. At the moment it works fine again but i know it can stop working just like that and i don't know why and what's wrong. That's very frustrating.

    I never thought about earbuds, Don, i am very much used to this 'over ear' type of headsets that cuts out quite a lot of outside sound. But i see what you mean, i might try a set one of these days although the're not exactly cheap sofar as i can see, i mean not like 5 dollar...

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    Just a thought but do you have have your headset also paired with another device and is that device close by/within range of the wireless head set? If so turn off Bluetooth in the nearby device and see if that helps.

    I use a set of iPods which are also paired with my phone. I kept my wireless fone close by my PC when using my ipods. My fone began "capturing" my iPods and they would go "dead". Turned my phone Bluetooth off while using the iPods and no more problems.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Javis View Post
    Well, i'm from the Netherlands and we don't have that kind of cheap stuff here.
    Well, that proved to be total BS if i say so myself. We have a cheap store franchise overhere called "Action". Kinda hate it because it's all rubbish what they sell for next to nothing Actually waiting for them to give it away for free. Never thought about them regarding electronic stuff. Just for the heck of it i checked their website and i can buy various earbuds for 3 euro's ! A wireless headphone for 5 euro ! Holy Moly! That can't be right, can it ??... Yes, it can...

    My housekeeper always buys stuff from that shop, i'll ask her to bring such a cheap headphone and earbud. Curious to find out if any sound will actually be produced by these things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckie View Post
    Just a thought but do you have have your headset also paired with another device and is that device close by/within range of the wireless head set? If so turn off Bluetooth in the nearby device and see if that helps.
    Thanks, Steve, but no, next to an oldish Dell computer sound system i have only this Astro A50 wireless headset. True, my other wireless headphone for TV is in the same room but quite a few meters away and the Astro has always worked fine sofar. Remarkable is that if you switch the Astro off you'd hear a special two tone beep before it shuts down. I do hear that same two tone beep before the sound cuts out but i ain't doing nothing ! Switching the sound on and off doesn't help neither.

    I got it to work again (dunno how...) and it's now working fine for a couple of days already.... Might be that the thing is a bit too complex, quite a few buttons, on the cans itself and on base/load station. F.i. you can cut the regular sound out if you want to talk to somebody....

    Re quality of sound this Astro A50 is the best i have ever had. I watch movies and series with it too. Perfect!

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    Over the years, I have had sound problems whenever Windows would release a update. I finally have learned where/how to reconfigure things, but it can be a pain. NC

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