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    Cosford visit

    posted on newshawk's, but figured i'd link here as almost everyone i know lurks here, more 262's im afraid

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    Almost did a Yellow 4/Red 2 paint for the Me262 I uploaded but felt too basic. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have.
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    Thanks for sharing these nice pictures Ian. Looking at the pictures I realised that this sort of museum is slowly disappearing in my country.

    Museums need to be, attractive, entertaining for the young people, inter active and need to spread a message. Just looking at artefacts from the past simply isn't enough anymore.....
    When you look at the new Dutch Military museum, half of the collection is in storage and half from the part which is on display is mounted at the ceiling, so you can hardly see it.

    Therefore your pictures are highly appreciated.


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    Thanks Huub, i guess were well served in this country, although Hendon, sister collection to Cosford has undergone redevelopment similer to your DMM, but still worth a visit. I was quite surprised by Cosford on this visit due to the space between exhibits, which was good for photography, or would be if i had any power in the battery's , Although, some of the rare experimental type's were moved outside into the wind and rain, hopefully, this is temporary, they may be not as sexy as the WW2 stuff, but valuable all the same. The DMM at Soesterberg is defiantly on my to-do list.

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    We have, apparently, more than 40 museums dedicated mainly to flight. Two of my own favourites, Brooklands and Old Warden, also have substantial collections of things without wings.

    Aviation Museums in Britain | Britain Visitor - Travel Guide To Britain (

    We're particularly lucky that there are so many people committed to not only preserving these treasures in museums (it is astonishing how many experimentals are preserved at Cosford, at Newark, Duxford, Yeovilton and elsewhere), but showing dedication above and beyond in getting these beauties back into the air. I know we're not unique, The Netherlands has an enthusiastic warbird community, the Americans ..... well, they do it BIG as you'd expect and what they are doing down in New Zealand is mind boggling.

    Many of these aircraft are 70, 80, 90+ years old yet we're seeing more of them in the air, not less. Not so long ago we had no airworthy Mosquitos anywhere, now there are four with more under restoration; we should see a Tempest II back in the air very soon, and there are five more being restored (wo more Mk IIs and three Mk Vs), there are three teams looking to get Typhoons back into the air, there are three Brisfits (and Peter Jackson has another in storage) ....... I'm gobsmacked and very, very grateful.

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