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    Carrier War USN

    The original campaign was done by Talon in 2007.My son has started rewriting them and adding his own missions.The new missions will include the first USN Carrier attacks by Enterprise in the Marcus Islands and Wake.Next will be the Yorktown attacks in the Marshall Islands.His plan is to have go to the end of 1942.He has I think 10 missions done so far.He thinks about 60 missions and may break it up into 2 parts.

    This will take awhile as he is in school during the week.

    This will showcase the new Wildcats and the devastator by Captain Kurt.The new Avengers will used also.


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    That makes me smile - a lot.

    Captain Kurt
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    Good work Micheal!

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    I am happy to read he is doing that. Best wishes to him. I too am making good use of CK's F4Fs.
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    When I read Hiede's post I downloaded Capt Kurt's TBD Devastator. It's a great aircraft but one bit of detail I really liked was the blue working uniform (dungarees) on the radioman/gunner figure. These guys were usually junior sailors who wore the same uniform in the aircraft as they wore when performing maintenance. Well done to CK from this retired sailor.
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    Doesn't seem to be much interest.


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    I think this makes a great addition to the game. I hope he doesn't get discouraged from the lack of posts. I'm sure there is a lot of interest in this update to the campaign.

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    Please don't let him be discouraged. Besides the enjoyment he will get while he is doing it, (of course) I am sure the number of downloads will be there when he finishes it. As always we have a substantial silent majority.

    Captain Kurt
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    Very true, Kurt. Lack of response does not mean lack of interest.
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    Hello Hiede

    My old computer crashed a couple of months ago, and I have not been able to visit or post as often (I'm horrible with an I-Phone), but I hope to be back up and running soon. Another exciting project in the works from you and your son is great news, I will be following this thread for sure.

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    Holy smokes, I for one am very interested!
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    I have several of Talon's missions/campaigns:
    USMC Aces, Papau NG, Bismarck Sea, Solomans 43,Leyte 1944, even the Korea ones--guess I missed this one.

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    Highpocketss,it's seems the original campaign was released just before you joined SOH.

    My son told me there are now 50 missions done.He integrated some of his own missions into it.The early Carrier Raids use the F4F-3 and the Devastator by Captain Kurt and transitions to the F4F-4.


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    Sounds pretty cool to me. Not sure if he plans to d/l or not to SOH.I still have not finished some of my other d/l. At my age life gets in the way more than I like.
    I love the work done updating the a/c, scenery, ships, missions etc. Sometime too much to absorb. Have to pick and choose.

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    So are my son has redone the Carrier War USN done by his Uncle ( Talon ),there are 60 missions for it with a few new ones.He also did missions for the USS Yorktown early raids in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands.He is now working on the USS Enterprise early raids on the Marcus Islands and Wake Island.

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    I admire your sons work ethic. It takes some dedication to work through that number of missions & not get bored with the task - kudos!

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    My son decided to just do these missions for his own enjoyment.

    He also had a part II of The Big E partially done.

    Looks like the "Silent Majority " got its way.Hope they enjoy it.

    And for that person that always says " A lot of members can't post ",there was a time you had to post to have full access to SOH,


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