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Description: This is pack 3 and concludes the P3D pack of updated firefighting C-130 Hercules. Aircraft have additional details, and PBR added. This pack houses the first generation of civilian contract operators of the C-130 Hercules firefighting aircraft. The C-130As were a controversial platform in a number of respects. From tragic losses of several aircraft and a large legal battle between operators and the US Government led to a problems throughout 20 years of operation of the C-130As. The C-130As served largely with 4 companies from the 1980s until the airframe was banned from aerial firefighting in the US in 2002. Hemet Valley Flying Service, TBM Inc., Hawkins & Powers, and T&G Aviation were the primary operators of the C-130As. Unlike their later sisters, these C-130As were restricted to 120,000lbs MTOW and had their stock 3-blade propellers modified to the traditional 4-blades by the US Military prior to being released to the civilian market. Unlike their current day sisters, the C-130As were restricted to 120,000lbs and a maximum of 3,000 US Gallons of retardant aboard, or 27,000 LBS. Despite having less powerful earlier versions of the Allison T56 turboprops and the weight restriction, it still allowed the C-130As to operate from air attack bases as short as 3,800 feet prior to USFS safety regulations changing in the mid-1990s. This pack has 4 model variations representing the two designed tank systems and external wing tank configurations of those two tank system equipped aircraft. The Hemet Valley Flying Service 8-door gated system is installed on the HVFS aircraft and the H&P aircraft. While TBM and T&G had the Aero Union designed early RADS system.

HVFS T-88, 83, TBM T-63, 64, H&P T-130 (memorial ship lost in 2002), T-133, and T&G / IAR T-81.

This is a component based modification for the stock P3D C-130s and will require additional files identified in the readme files to complete these standalone versions. These models are only compatible in P3Dv4, 5, & 6. Internal tanks by Jeremy Ulloa "tankerguy72" remaining further tanker modifications by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00"

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