Why did they call it "The Jug"
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Thread: Why did they call it "The Jug"

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    Why did they call it "The Jug"

    If you've ever wondered why the P-47 was nicknamed "the Jug" here's a little something that popped up on my FB to help explain it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well is it...as in JUG-gernaut or because standing up on it's engine, it looks like a milk jug??...ha ha



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    I heard that pilots used to say "If you want to impress the ladies, fly a Mustang, if you wan to get home alive, fly a Jug".

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    Everything I've read said it was because it was shaped like the glass jugs that milk was sold in back then.

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    Cpt. Kurt gets a Cigar,
    From: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, Operational history
    "As the P-47 Thunderbolt worked up to operational status, it gained a nickname: "Jug" 
    (because its profile was similar to that of a common milk jug of the time)."

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    Hey, where's mine?...I did say it first...


    p.s still think it's because of it's size, that it's a JUG-gernaut of a plane!

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    That's what I always thought, that it was because of it's size. I guess the milk jug reference could actually be the real reason. Either way, the size comparison chart is quite interesting.

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