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    Memorial Weekend

    Hope you all have a great holiday weekend but also remember the sacrifices others have made over all the years.This is the time to"Honor" them.Many are disabled,in hospitals and just trying to cope with life.

    This is actually a work weekend for me,I go various hospitals,nursing homes and senior citizen centers and do music shows for them.I've been doing this for about 20 years out here and it is a lot of fun.They even sing along with me and have fun.To see them smile and have fun is a joy.I do this several times a year.

    I will also have a BBQ over the weekend with friends and family.


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    Gee, actually have a nice side! Lol

    Enjoy your working holiday!

    Cheers mav

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    Quote Originally Posted by mav View Post
    Gee, actually have a nice side! Lol

    Enjoy your working holiday!

    Cheers mav
    Yes I do except for certain people.I'm sure you know who I'm talking about.


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    Of all the men in my family, who have served, none have fallen in battle. I revere ll those who have , including a few friends. I celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of all those who fell in defense of our nation and those who are no longer with us.


    Shadow Wolf o7
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    ...... THANK YOU ! for what you do. I have some relatives who never thou not fallen physically never lost the Pacific battles in their minds. Especially the 'Canal and Tarawa. Amongst my own friends while growing up many fell in SNam. I ALWAYS remember them especially on Memorial Day.
    Again THANK YOU !

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    Wonderful ministry.
    My uncle died in battle in Alsace France in early 1945. I did not know him well as I was pretty young. M dad always cried when we visited his gravesite and the veteranís memorial stone in Oklahoma My eldest son was 82nd Airborne and served between prior to Gulf War. He was in the Granada invasion and we were terrified and glued to TV until he was able to contact us. My eldest grandson served in Afghanistan later, drove a MRV but missed any combat. Terrified for him too. They both came back with very little emotional scars. I was planning of finishing my Air force ROTC and being a fighter pilot in the mid 60's-- but asthma grounded me.
    I wish the younger generation ( GenZ ?) could understand what today is really about.
    I salute all the vets here on SOH.

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