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    Skies Over Europe

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Effects Add-ons

    Description: This newly developed modification incorporates RAF_Mutlly's longer lasting flak bursts, now tailored to Rollfix specifications and complemented by the inclusion of Nibbio's brown dust clouds from low altitude flak bursts. It is important to credit and express gratitude to the creators involved in this collaborative effort: RAF Mutley, Swedish Bikini Team, and Nibbio. Brace yourself for this exciting mod and stay prepared for its potential impact. We advise you to double tie your bikini-strings, as the heightened experience is sure to leave you jumping. Prost!

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Skies Over Europe
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    Hope ya'll like it.

    Makinig sa akin, aking mga kaibigan! Ako ay lumaban ng magandang labanan, ako'y pagod na; aking puso ay maysakit at malungkot. Mula sa kung saan nagsisikat ang araw, hindi na ako lalaban pa kailanman.

    Mayroon akong cholesteatoma. Mayroon akong mga utang, walang sino mang makatulong sa akin pagkatapos ng operasyon kaya hindi ako nakakapagpatingin sa doktor. Hindi ko kayang gawin ito. Naalala ko dati nakakakita pa ako ng sinag ng araw. Pero ngayon, puro huwag na lang hanggang sa mawala na ang lahat.

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    Hi Deathwind
    Thanks for the new flak mods and thanks to the original designers.

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    Thanks! Looks like Iím all done modding for the foreseeable future. Maybe months or a year possibly. Screen all screwed up with grey in the middle and different colored little lines going down it. Restore nothing worked itís probably either the screen or bad connection inside.

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