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Description: FSX (Accelleration) Package Frigate USS Philadelphia from the late 18th century with two AI-vessels. This american sailing ship is famous from the Barbary Wars in the Mediterranean Sea. After doing a regular blockade duty she chased in October 1803 an Libyan privateer but ran aground on an uncharted reef close to Tripoli harbor. The whole crew became war prisoners. The partly demaged Philadelphia later was towed by the Tripolitans to the harbor to enforce the City of Tripoli with its additional guns. In February 1804 a special task group entered the harbor during night on a small vessel, named USS Intrepid and burned down its own frigate to prepar the harbor to be defeated in a later time. The Sim-model is almost complete rigged with hundreds of ropes and has fourteen animated guns, six animated stunsails and six unimated crewmen. Twentyfour cameras let you explore the whole ship: The deck, the lower gun deck and you can enjoy the sailors views from high above in the masts. The effects allows you to fire broadsides to starboard and port seperatly. The huge american frigate USS Constitution and the british frigate HMS Surprise are included in this package as ai-ships. The models should run in FS2004 and probably also in P3dV3 but it is not tested. FSDS 3.5 model made by Erwin Welker

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