KMGW Morgantown Hart Field West Virginia
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Thread: KMGW Morgantown Hart Field West Virginia

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    KMGW Morgantown Hart Field West Virginia

    I have been working on this with assistance from the Airport Manager and will have I hope a very accurate version to share for FSX and P3D V1,2,3,4 when its complete. The architectural drawings that I have been furnished divide the terminal into two halves North and South so this is the North Part "by the book" with a lot of referring to Google Earth Street Views. It's challenging because of that but a lot of fun working on it. Since I have the information I have added the interior walls with Maj Walls in Sketchup.

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    Be sure to add burning couches along the runway and everywhere else you can imagine. Watch for deer and coonhounds on the runway prior to taking off or landing.

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    I don't get

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwind View Post
    Be sure to add burning couches along the runway and everywhere else you can imagine. Watch for deer and coonhounds on the runway prior to taking off or landing.
    I don't understand about the "burning couches" but deer and coons I definitely do. Just saw a poor doe who was slower the the car that hit her this morning on the highway. I don't know if the critters in the sims have boundary boxes that you can collide with like bird strikes in the air.

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    That's Just Crazy

    In Chicago, Illinois it's illegal to burn leaves in the fall but down here in North Carolina it seems it's the state passtime. LOL!

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    More Done Today

    I started working on the South portion of the terminal today and got quite a bit done. No photos but I am pleased with what I got done in 6 hours. You never seem to realize how many hours it takes if you are enjoying what you are doing in anything.

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    Good luck with your project. Iím just teasing but yeah they get wild in Morgantown if they win a football game. Not so much lately since they been struggling in football but if they beat Penn St. Start of the season this year that place will be on fire. Morgantown is usually ranked in the top ten for party schools also but itís a great little place to take a stroll through just beware around football season.

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    Thank you

    Almost all colleges have rivalries. My best friend was a retired Army Sgt and me being 4th Generation Navy you know what happened on Army/Navy Football weekend. Then getting out of college there's Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. Our last home before moving south was almost on the Illinois Wisconsin Border. The Grocery store parking lot had equal number cars with flags of both teams on them. Down here in North Carolina it's NC and Duke. And it goes on and on as you well know.

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    The South End Is Done

    Here is a screenshot in Sketchup of the completed South End of the terminal, a good days work today. I have landscaped the end as best as I can in Sketchup but it is geometric, as good as it gets. I wish that MS and LM had done a lot better job of landscaping their sims with a lot more depth to the hilly airport area. I want it to be accurate on the apron side if I can and not have the apron up in the air if possible. We'll see what happens when the terminal is done and is placed in ADEx for FSX and P3DV4.5 It was interesting when I took screenshots of the end so that I could use them for the landscaping and as you "clic" the arrows the photos were taken at different times maybe even years because of the different bushes even curbs painted differently. Subtle unless you are carefully studying them for details. Tomorrow or Wednesday I am going "around the back side" to the passenger entries and exits on the apron from the current photos I have been provided. THEY will be exact and up to date unlike Google Earth/Google Map.

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    Almost Complete

    I was disappointed that I was unable to have this totally authentic but the simulators are not properly landscaped at this airport so I had to use the first floor on the apron NOT the second floor like it actually is. Here is the FBO Office. More shots tomorrow as I finish it up. It looks good in P3D4.5. I had"BOB" walk around.

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    Terminal Finally Done

    After a little trouble getting this to compile in ADEx P3DV4 and MCX I figured out the problem. There are six air conditioning units on the roof. I used a Sketchup Addon I have used before but NEVER six times but only individually. I am making two versions of the airport: one for FSX and one for P3DV4. Model Converter X would not compile the bgl for FSX but P3DV4 worked. Then when I uploaded it to the Object Library successfully, when trying to compile ADEx it ran out of memory...the program not my computer. So I removed all the air conditioners and it worked fine. BUT I was determined to have air conditioners on the roof because they are there. I found Sketchup Addon air conditioning units that were only KBs not MBs and THEN remembered that in Windows 7 Sketchup 2016, I had an rbz called Cleanup which I was able to find for 2017 and installed it. Now when I ran cleanup the triangles in the dae were reduced significantly and including a/c units all six of them, I have working beautiful bgls for both sims. Here are a couple of screenshots in P3DV4.5 one in the daytime and one at dusk of the FBO which is a corner of the terminal on the apron side. Windows are photo textures applied to the terminal.

    I am disappointed that the landscape is NOT correct in either sim. I don't know what it's like in Xplane or MSFS because I don't have either one. The terminal is on a hill with the front on "ground level" and the apron 8' 6" higher so that the FBO/passenger exits are on the top of the building making it look a single level with the "Ground Level Offices" under ground but that was impossible to do though I tried. I elevated the apron in ADEx but in the sims it's up in the air and looks stupid. I was over at FSDevelopers when one of them tried to help me showing me what HE did with an airport but it is on top of a plateau with sheer sides and just looked stupid. I opted instead to put the apron side on the ground and create a false second floor. No way around it that I could find. So on either end of the terminal are stairways down to the apron to get from the passenger area. You do what ya gotta do.

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    A Little Fix

    I noticed in the sim that the Morgantown Airport Logos on the rear of the terminal are flickering because I didn't do them properly...jpg texture on rectangles not png's on the building itself. I fixed that last night and sent it on to the airport manager for final approval. He said everything was great except the stairs so although I am limited by the landscaping in the simulators, I am removing the stairs and then it will be done. Then onto the tower, firehouse and custom not default hangers since I found a way to get around the airport on the ground in Google Earth enough to see them to construct accurately. Quoting the old motto of TGYC GiJoes, Easy Company and Parris Island Creations of "long ago": We do it right or we don't do it. So default tower and hangers go.

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    I actually thought

    I actually thought that I had figured out how to get the landscape for KMGW but I am very disappointed because even though it looked like it could work in Sketchup and compiled the bgl nicely in MCx, ADEX just stuck it up 10 feet in the air above the ground so I guess that it is what it is. I'm tired of wasting time on it anymore. IMO the terminal is very good and its done. I don't know why the landscape is NOT properly modeled in a simulator that is supposed to be used by the military. I can understand the Arctic or Antarctica but the middle of West Virginia, c'mon. Their default airport was 10 years out of date too. Alright, I'm through throwing them under the bus. On to the tower next week. I'm busy the rest of the time until Monday.

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    Some Help

    Falcon409 sent me a link to Stuff4FS Terrain Sculptor Pro. I have been studying the manual to try and get the terrain properly sculpted for the terminal and the tower if I can manage to figure it out. It doesn't SEEM too difficult. Have any of you used it before and have any tips to keep me from making avoidable mistakes? I can use all the help I can get. Even a volunteer who is familiar with using it to help me out.

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    No Help Offered

    I downloaded the Terrain Sculptor and after a hour of reading and almost understanding the manual I created an area with airport polys which just won't work the way it's supposed to compile.

    I posted in their forum at FSDevelopers but with no responses after 2 days I am just going to move on and finish KMDG Morgantown. The designer Don is quite ill I am aware and did not bother him at all but asked for someone else to help. So, I will share it the way it is with the terminal with "artistic license" of no sculptored terrain reaching up to the second floor but the entrances on ADEx ground level. I tried flattens; I tried Sketchup terrain. So I will just as with so many other things that just are not perfect in the flight simulators move on to the tower; firestation and upload the final version here for anyone who would like it. Am I frustrated with terrain sculpting, "you bet".

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    Success Through Perseverance and Prayer

    In all things I do I don't take any credit but thank the Lord for the knowledge I have doing so many things in flight sim or pointing me to someone who can help. From time to time I can even share a little knowledge with others in things they are trying to do. Here below is the result: Last night after trying to understand WHY the aircraft just ended up on the ground instead of on the platform, I remembered when I was creating aircraft carriers and the aircraft kept ending up in the hanger bay or worse in the ocean under the hull. Why? Because I had not created a "hard deck" platform in Model Converter X on the flight deck. Back to MDCx. I had to create an mdl file NOT a bgl scenery file first. Because you can't attach things to scenery. Opened up the mdl in MDCx but I couldn't see any platforms in the attach object editor even though I used the auto platform as suggested in FSDevelopers in a different thread to crerate a jump ramp on a RN carrier. That was what I wanted to create exactly except an inclined apron NOT a ramp. Then when I was inspired to click the box that displays attached objects which I HAD not checked here comes all the red areas that contained platforms except I don't care if the sidewalks and the roof have "hard decks" attached. Removed all platforms. Then through the usual trial and error that is required in MDCx to get the coordinates correct, I got the platform above the apron but it was level. Ah Hah, needs a "Rotation" to put it on an angle. Got that done. Now it had to be lowered onto the apron. Now that is perfect. The proof is in the pudding though so I deleted the other terminal from the object library in ADEx; added the mdl to the model iist; saved; compiled and here is the end result with thanks to the Good Lord for divine inspiration. As you all know me there is a lot of praying when I am designing scenery and objects for flight simulation but it pays off always. It beats frustration hands down. I'll have to go back and redo the terminal so that the apron side of the terminal has all the doors and windows etc. that belong there and what you are seeing now is below ground "behind the end of the apron". The tower and the fire station are also on the hill so I am going to create that ontop of a photo from Google Earth background so it comes out right because this is a little longer than the actual apron. All in all this is so satisfying to have created it to work like it should.

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    Continuing Progress

    I spent the afternoon today redoing the apron side of the terminal. I am actually pleased with being able to better match all the photos I now have of that side of the terminal and am making custom textures for it from Sketchup Texture and also jpg textures on doors and windows. Looks good I think. I will have to see if I can get back to it before Monday with kinda of a busy week finishing up. The apron will butt up to the 10 foot high gray rectangles which are NOT on an incline I could see from more photos. There are different textures to the concrete as well with the recessed area gravel and grass (weeds?) which I was also able to get a custom texture for. Wish they were 3D though. Have to have P3D V5 to do that with PBR textures.

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    10 Days Later

    It took me this long to figure out how to create an inclined apron and attach a hard surface to it so that the aircraft don't fall right thru it. I used the technique that "hard decks" are added to our aircraft carriers and after figuring out to incline it with a little help from one of our simmers who created the jump ramp for his British ship it almost works. The plane does not drop through it BUT it sinks up to the axles when it is at the top of the ramp. Arno the creator of Model Converter X is helping trying to figure out why it does this. Otherwise the terminal is totally complete and really came out nice. After three times creating it each time it got a little better until this the final version. It has night textures as best as I can figure them out since there is only one picture taken at night of the FBO, nothing anywhere else so I just used artistic license on there rest of it. Next I created the tower which went so much easier than the terminal. I wanted to add the tower on the apron but it was too large for Airport Design Editor so I had to separate them. It is a stand alone bgl. Today I spent working on the "Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting building or ARFF as they refer to it. I just went to take some screenshots and saw that when i was messing with the apron I moved the Tower and now I have to go back into ADE and move it back. When I get it where I want it I am going to lock it AND the terminal so they stay put. I'll post pictures tomorrow afternoon when I fix it. Have a good weekend ya'all.

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    It's All Coming Together

    FINALLY! After nightmares ALL caused IMO by the rotten Windows 10 OS/Dell Desktop which I discovered after posting over at FS Developers about my compiling problems. I got them solved; got the terminal; ATC Tower and ARFF Firehouse into the airport in ADEx, here is the beautiful result:

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    Nice Richard!

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    Yes, excellent job Richard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon409 View Post
    Yes, excellent job Richard!
    Agree- another great job, shipmate!

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    Thank You All

    After all the problems and trials, I thank you all. As I have always said before it is only through Divine Guidance so many times along the way that I got this far. I have three flags created now that with SODE will be placed in front of the ARFF on the street side. I may also place a snowplow and a lawn mower with SODE since I actually have a photo of one of their lawn mowers identical to the ones I have used elsewhere and have permission to share with my airports not being my own creation but that of John Watts for many airports on AVSIM. When I have the complete package put together with install instructions and credits in a README, I will share it here in the Warbirds Library.

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    SODE On Saturday

    I am spending my holiday weekend with something I like to do...designing flight simulation stuff. And just think that these three flags only took FOUR HOURS of trial and error to finally get them where they are at the real airport. They are SODE flags which are totally wind sensitive. There are two simobjects for each one: a billowing flag and a still flag. I was able to get the artwork for the West Virginia and the Morgantown City flag off the internet and converted them in Adobe Photoshop. Here is the result:

    I'm getting closer and closer to being completely done. I think I'm going to take a nap! LOL!!!!

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    Southern Airways Express Flight 983 KMGW to KIAD departing at 1430 Local time on the ramp is now boarding.

    Took me a lot of experimentation with the angled "hard deck" apron because of its 10 foot AGL to the ground level of the taxiway which you can see in the previous photo posted above from the street side. It is accomplished with Model Converter X object attach platform. Until I got it right, the aircraft tires sunk into the apron and looked like "flat tires". When this happens on flat ground at an airport all on one level or with a flatten you can adjust the aircraft contact points but not in this case. Passengers either use stairs or if handicapped or with small children can use the elevators to reach the second level to go through TSA and board waiting aircrafts. Originally I actually modeled the elevators but removed them to save fps since this is complex enough with just all the exteriors. All the doors and windows are textures to save space and fps as well and not flutter. I noticed that my obstruction red blinking lights on top of some of the lamps are not positioned correctly even though I thought they were in MDCx. I find it extremely difficult to attach effects on such a large terminal because you have to be so far away so it's going to be trial and error as well to get them right on top. I learned to record my values on a printout I did of the Attach Object Editor screen in MDCx. I thought I was going to be clever and use the "Move Object" wizard when I was first adding the effects and threw all of my coordinates off by doing that so it's just try and try again with Model Converter X. But I'll get it.

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