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Thread: Hahnweide

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    Can't believe that no one has done a Hahnweide scenery for this lovely South German airfield
    and the Fliegertreffen they hold there.
    It's a mecca for warbird/30's/40's aircraft.

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    Think there was one in one of the vfr Germany scenery
    packs by these publishers


    Don't know if you can still locate the fs2004 packs around the interweb



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    Good spot Pete,though I didn't really want all the other stuff that goes with it,I suppose I could just extract
    the bits I want and not all the rest.

    Can't find any on the 'bay for sale at all,might it fall into your remit to knock one up Pete?.

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    It seems that "Teck" in the Fs9 scenery is actually Hahnweide airfield.
    This 'ere download gives you "Castle Teck"(Burg Teck) and some airfield scenery.


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    The Teck file adds only the castle, Nothing more. I created a basic scenery with FSX ADE done by Christian Kottmann. The AI glider traffic as well as for their towing aircraft is still WIP.


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    Very nice Bernard.
    Unfortunately,whilst I'm sure you would be very gracious and offer the files,I'm even further in the "Dark Ages"
    than your good self with FSX,I'm still running Fs9.............

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    Miggers, don't be afraid about FSX. I could save the ADE in FS9. You will get a PM with the download link. In order to get the scenery hangars you also have to install these object librarires:

    FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries - FS2004 Scenery Objects - FlightSim.Com
    FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries File 2 - FS2004 Scenery Objects - FlightSim.Com

    As already said, I haven't completed the scenery. Especially the gilder traffic will br quite tricky to get it timed coordinated with a towing aircraft. It should look something like this here:

    BTW, I don't intend to add an airshow, as my FS9 is running in the Sixties. But it would be easily possible. The screenshot shows the 1958 World Gliding Championship at Leszno Airport, Poland.


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    Many,many thanks Bernard,I'm going to have a go at doing airshow traffic for it.
    I want to fly in with a Twin Beech from Sleap in UK,an almost 3 hour flight from there to Hanhweide.

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    Glad that I could help. We would be glad too discovering your airshow! Let us know and see what you will have done.


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    Quote Originally Posted by leuen View Post
    Glad that I could help. We would be glad too discovering your airshow! Let us know and see what you will have done.

    I most certainly will.
    I have ACG's Duxford Airshow scenery and the associated AI by John Young,I've found an AI OV-10 Bronco,I'm looking
    for an AI Bucker Jungmann,Jungmeister,Pitts Special,Zlin Trener,various 40's/50's Cessnas and other such singles and light twins to use.
    I'll have to set up the Hahnweide scenery with plenty of parking spots,on airshow day the airfield is fairly well covered
    in parked aircraft,so either AFCAD or ADE(I haven't got a clue how to use them though)to make small,medium and large
    parking spots for a few JU52's,C47's and possibly a PBY being the largest.
    I suppose having a well manned and womanned crowd line would be good too...

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