FDG2 P-40E1 version 1.1 (update)
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Thread: FDG2 P-40E1 version 1.1 (update)

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    FDG2 P-40E1 version 1.1 (update)

    I have updated this aircraft with a new 2D cockpit panel and new gauges by Aussie. The cockpit frames are screen captured from his P-40B aircraft, then it was modified by me.

    You need to use the gauges from Aussie's P-40B aircraft. Duplicate the P40B.gau into P40E.gau. I need to use some fake toggle switches in the 2D cockpit panel. Aussie is going to build some new fake toggle switches for this aircraft later.

    Install the AW P-40_Attitude.gau in the CFS2/Gauges folder. Original designer is Alphasim.

    I have also painted two new paint schemes for this aircraft. You can download it now.

    Have fun!

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    That cockpit rocks!

    "If you're in a fair fight, you didn't plan it right"

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    Got to see this in action. Many thanks Aussie and AW.

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    I agree with Bearcat. wow. I need to find a flight instruction manual to see what switches I need to flip!

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    Was planning to take a look at this over the weekend, but let me add my thanks. The screen shots look excellent, should be a great upgrade to the P-40e, which is a great model to fly. Very nice work.

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