FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen
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Thread: FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen

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    FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen

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    Description: FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen. This is a very rare and special aircraft. It was the boardplane of the famous German raider "Wolf" and so the plane was named "Woelfchen" (little Wolf). Normally the plane was hidden in the hold of the Wolf. That floatplane was one of the first reccon aircrafts worldwide stationed on board of a vessel. Flying recconisance it allowed to see ships in a distance of more than 50 km or 25 nm. When seeing enemy crusiers the Wolf could easily escape into another directions or when seeing cargoships from the enemy the Wolf could persue the other ship to take it as prise. The model has a 2D-panel and a VC. The pilot figure in the VC can be hidden using Waterrudder command. Probably the model will also fly in P3dV3 and FS2004 but it is not tested and no guarantee and support ist given. FSDS model by Erwin Welker

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    I am surprised, but I really enjoyed flying this airplane. Normally this type (early wartime floats) are not my cup of tea, but I really like this one. Nice job. If you don't mind I'd like to do some hi-res textures for it. Gonna give this one a "shout-out" in the forums.
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    Icon26 Hi res textures

    Hi Falcon,

    thanks for your compliments! I would appreciate hi resolution textures. But be aware, even the plane is grey, it is not metal and should not looks glossy. The airplane was covered with stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for your effords!



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