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Thread: Milviz UH1C

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    Milviz UH1C

    Hi all

    Thanks heaps to blackbird for releasing its great aircraft for free

    I know that Milvz no longer supporting its freeware products but someone here may be able to help
    I have the MD530f installed and the mvams tool works allowing me to add remove items.

    I installed the UH1C and UH1H and that shows up in the mvams tool but when I use the tool to add or remove doors crew mini guns nothing happens in the aircraft select menu the Bell shows all doors off but no add-on's I've gone through the mvams config sever times selecting un selecting items but no luck.

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas I have uninstalled and reinstalled the model but still the same issue

    Kind Regards


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    Ahhh, you got me all excited Rhys!

    I popped over to the Blackbirds site. But there's no download available for the Huey, only the Uder Giude, Manual and Paint kit.
    "Somewhere out there is Page 6!"
    "But Emilo you promised! It's postpone"

    ASWWIAH Member

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    Hi Pips

    Its available here

    Let me know if you have the same issue



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    Mar 2013
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    I have only P3D, but is there in FSX a pull down menu as well called "addons"? Somewhere else maybe? There you can find the options "UH-1 doors" and "UH-1 crew".

    EDIT: Yes, on top you find the menu "addons" as well. Please have a look inside, there you should find your options...
    Best regards, Manfred.

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    In this forum there is a link in the Milviz topic to an old support forum to help find the FSX version of the PC-6. Root round in that forum and you will find an earlier FSX version of the UH-1 in a download link. That earlier version loads up with doors, passengers etc.

    I would recommend reading the manual if you don't want flights to be haunted by a low rpm warning hooter!


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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the replies. Nothing in the drop down addon menu just fsuipc

    I think I will completely uninstall my current milviz aircraft and the mvams and start from scratch to see if that my fix it



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