Spartan Executive Six Years Later
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Thread: Spartan Executive Six Years Later

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    Spartan Executive Six Years Later

    As you know here, I discovered this on my calendar and posted it in my thread but I just wanted to go further the more I investigated it. I am also going to post this over at P3D because now that I figured it out, I will be flying MINE in Prepar3D V4.5 now that I can with the Windows 10 OS on the desktop and new(er) video card. When I found the webpage from Jim Savage a real life Spartan Executive owner/pilot and the history of the plane in WWII I had to go back in time. I spent the last two days working from three black and white 1940 photographs of N17630 and had to dig in the past for my photo interpreting skills to IMO create the correct color cowl and stripes. Based on the photo you will notice the rudder end stripe on the BT-13 Valiant Intermediate Trainer and the similar tone of the Spartan cowl and stripes. Also used some license and intrepretation for the yellow wings and the registration on the rudder and on the wings. I was extremely blessed to find the original paintkit inside one of my downloads. I wrote to Milton and glad to hear he is enjoying his retirement from FS but miss him as we all do a lot. He did not have the paintkit anymore and suggested that I contact one of the repainters and then I found it in EXTRAS. Thanks to Urs Burkhardt for creating it. It works great in Photoshop! The models are native FSX and work in P3D too. I will fly tomorrow and report.

    The original thread which is pages long with a lot of names I didn't even recognize is here: when Milton was active here on SOH back in 2017.

    This is a view over the right wing before stepping on the walkway. Entry is through the door on the left side:

    The interior of the vc is great as well and all gauges work from what I can tell. They are in the panel folder.

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    Compared to the photo

    I don't think that it came out too bad compared to the photo on top. All the graphics are hand drawn. I learned quite a lot of Adobe Photoshop creating the alpha channels and experimenting with the reflection and the artwork being non-reflective with the alpha channel. In the past I used to hand paint in white but the Spartan logo on the tail was so complex I Googled and found Brendan Williams and his great tutorials on How To Change Colors In Photoshop with Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers. My Photoshop was older than his version so one step was different but it worked and that is what counts in the end. Even though I kept checking it in the model on MDCx I still need to raise the wing and the stripe to match the photo. Phooey!!!! Well, I'll get back and fix it Monday and I wanted to beat "the rivet counters" if any were going to comment on it. I'll fix it. Then it will REALLY be close.

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    Charter Member 2010 thunder100's Avatar
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    yes a great plane

    I fly since longer in P3DV4.5+ V5 and usually works well

    And of you put it in historical context- MAN that plane was ahead of its time

    Best regards


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    The Photos Above

    Quote Originally Posted by thunder100 View Post
    yes a great plane

    I fly since longer in P3DV4.5+ V5 and usually works well

    And of you put it in historical context- MAN that plane was ahead of its time

    Best regards

    The Spartan is photographed in V4.5 at my "home airport" of Adele Williams Ocean Isle Beach close to my home and across the street from one of the supermarkets I shop at which I created especially for the scenery. All the buildings are exact as I can make them from photos taken live at the airport. It is nice to be able to visit correct and visit again. The restaurant in the big red building is now just a bar and tatoo parlour since I first did the airport for FSX 4 years ago so I updated it in December last. Hard to keep up with real life around you when you sim LOL!

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