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    ski jump!

    .cfg file for sha_enterprise_cv-6, but with a ski-jump!

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    changed the platform to this (left the original text) ;

    ; platforms are the actual surface that the planes
    ; land on. You can define as many platforms as you
    ; want by adding subsequent sections with increasing
    ; numbers. e.g. [platform.1], [platform.2] etc.
    ; vertices should be defined in model coordinates,
    ; and counter-clockwise order when viewed from above.
    : REMEMBER, positive z is out the TAIL of the ship
    ; the shape may be concave or convex
    ; there may be from 3 to 20 vertices (limitation
    ; may go away later) and they must all be on the same
    ; plane.


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    Was thinking that as the platforms can be sloped, that it might be possible to use this for a bridge, and persuade a vehicle to drive up and along the top of the bridge. I think that the vehicles may be ignoring the platform though. It does offer some interesting take-off and landing options though especially as the platform can be sloped, (in both directions I think). Attachment 89651

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