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    CFS2 splashscreen maker

    Hi all,

    Please tell me where I can find a splashscreen-maker for CFS2, if possible with templates.



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    Howdy Pilgrim this taint mine but I found it somewhere and you can try it.

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    Hi Deathwind,

    I have this one, the problem is it works with Photoshop, which I do not have, for it's an expensive programme and I will not use it, only for this.

    But thanks for help, much appreciated!


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    Sorry thatís the only one Iíve seen you probably found it same place I did which I canít remember but Iíll guess Simavaition. I remember my days in SẼ Asia you could buy any software you wanted for pennies on a dollar. I was talking with a Filipina a couple years back that had PS and she had a job but they donít make good money as an accountant there. She lived with her siblings in a boarding house and one sister done all the cooking and house keeping while the others worked jobs. They all sent money to mom and dad except the one who took care the house. Parents after they get older find it impossible to be employed so their children have to help out. Yet they have PhotoShop and just about everything else.

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    hertzie, what paint program are you using?

    Captain Kurt
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    Hi Captain,

    Normally PaintNet, Paint or DXT1 bitmap manipulator.

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    There is a Splash Screen Creator Program for CFS2 here at SOH. Page 4 in the utilities section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoney View Post
    There is a Splash Screen Creator Program for CFS2 here at SOH. Page 4 in the utilities section.
    I must have gotten it here then as the name sounds the same but itís for PS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hertzie View Post
    Hi Captain,

    Normally PaintNet, Paint or DXT1 bitmap manipulator.
    OK sorry to say if you don't have either PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro, I don't know of any screen maker tools per se.

    A splash screen is just an image in a Windows bitmap (.bmp) format or a DXTbitmap extended 16bit 555-1.bmp format. You should be able to use PaintNet to open an image and overwrite text on the image and then save it as a Windows bitmap. Or open it in DXTbitmap and save as the 16bit 555-1 format. (Note the Windows bitmap format needs to have 256 colors or less)

    If you want to use the CFS2 text graphics, you're stuck with opening a stock splash screen, cutting the text out and pasting them on your image.

    Captain Kurt
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    Iím not a PS expert by any means but if you have something you want to use for a Splash screen Iíll kindly do my best to help you if nobody else wants to. Might take a few days depending on what else Iíve got going on but I hate to see someone having to do without something if I think I could have helped them. I know people think Iím a lunatic gone nuts but if you wade through the smoke and fire Iím actually a decent friend to have around.

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    Hi Deathwind, I've sended a PM.


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    Hi all,

    Deathwind made me great Dutch cfs2 splashes! Hats off to him

    If someone is interested, send me a PM.


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    There's also GIMP as an alternative.

    Reads / writes PSD files and works with various other formats as well, though it takes getting used to. I've been using it for close to 10 years, so I guess I'm fairly "used" to it by now.

    Main thing for me, at least, is that I always run an exported image (bmp for example) through DXTBMP to make the final image.

    For example, I'll output two PNG's (one alpha, one normal) then join them in DXTBMP for the 16-bit or 32-bit or 8-bit image.

    You might not really need to do that, but I find it easier using sim-specific software for the final image.



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