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    Prineville Oregon Airport

    In my Supercub post I just posted my repaint of a Supercub N40520 which is registered at Prineville, Oregon ICAO S39. I went to the trusty Airnav and looked it up and then Google for the airport site. They have a really cool collection of hangers both box and T-hangers as well as an unusual airport layout I saw on Google Earth so I decided to try and create it. I will be creating it on my Windows 7 computer because nothing wants to work right in Windows 10 including Sketchup 17 and one-click hanger which will not install. I won't bore anyone with my Windows 10 woes. I just uninstalled the programs that don't work. The Airport Design Editor at least works well so I am just going to work around things which I know I can do. I will post my results here in this new thread and share it when I have finished it.

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    Everything is fixed almost

    I was able to get everything working last night with the exception of SBuilderX which I just used the version on the Windows 7 successfully for the airport background bmp. Google Map gave me nice access to streetside photos. I looked around for the beacon because default FSX puts one on S39 on their default beacon tower. I found it hunting for it up and down the highway and here is a screenshot of it. Its going to be fun creating it in Sketchup 17 which I also got the One-click hanger working with help from the creator Charlie Morton in FSDevelopers. Here is a screenshot I took last night. Its blurry because its off in the distance next to a hanger and I blew it up in Photoshop but its clear enough to use. Interesting that the beacon looks just like the one at Elizabethtown airport that I created. Just on a more makeshift tower.

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    Still Issues

    The "Photo01" that SBuilderX on Windows 7 computer along with the bmp background image for layout did not align with the uploaded airport yesterday for a test after placing the first hanger. Bummer! I had this problem way back before I found out how to place the background to mesh with it in ADEx. Too much going on with Windows 10 and issues with programs and trying to work on two computers so I am just going to lay off creating any more airports for the immediate future and stick to flying to and from what I have for now. With no replies to this I hope that no one is disappointed that S39 will not be created by me anytime soon. Disappointing too since the first hanger came out IMO really quite nice. Oh well.

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    Hope This Is A Fix

    I am really disappointed that this happened with the photoreal background that hasn't happened to me in over a year or more. Now I am unable to get a working SBuilderx no matter what version either on the backup Windows 7 Acer Laptop or the Dell Windows 10. Just keeps coming up with some kind of error even after 2 install/uninstall/reinstall. I quit. I have sent out a private message for assistance.
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    Here's The Tower

    Waiting for help with the background which Falcon409 gave me thank you Ed, I worked on the tower which after a few hiccups unexplainable here it is. I will add an effect for a blinking red light on top of the pole and then SODE the beacon to it with Tom Gibson's custom beacon he created for KEYF.

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    Background looks great

    Falcon409 did a really great job for me since my SBuilderx just doesn't work anymore and I tried a few times to uninstall and install. Anyway, the background and autogen are all super and here is the hanger 4019 Airport Way that started it all.

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    Where is the background

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    Not Appropriate

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwind View Post
    That is not there because I don't find it appropriate...not humorous.

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    My apologies

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    My apologies
    thank you and graciously accepted.

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    Hanger 4013 Airport Way

    This is one of the hangers that the leasing agent uses as an example at Prineville so It had 4 beautiful shots: two inside and two outside from two different angles each. That made it really nice to be able to accurately create it as well as the exact dimensions of both the floor area and also the bifold door size. So, with the 94% humidity and rain off and on all day, I spent the day at the computer with Sketchup creating it as accurately as I could. I used the eyedropper in Photoshop and the actual photos to match both the red metal texture of the beams and also the blue of the trim.

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    Another Hanger Added

    This was a tough one to do because it is 310 feet long and had to keep "clicking" Sketchup to move down, move back etc. But its done and placed. I was able to get four good views from the road for this and I created the For Rent sign in my drawing program and then added it as a texture to the rectangle so it did not flicker. The siding is color matched to the photo and is a Sketchup texture download of a board and batten siding. Its pretty close to the real thing. Here's a couple of screenshots in my FSX:

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    Prineville Terminal

    It took three days off and on or about maybe 19 or 20 hours but I am pleased with the results. The most difficult part was getting photos of the four sides from all over the web because Google Map did not get in from the Highway well at all.

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    Hanger 4491 Airport Way

    Little by little I am creating and placing the hangers at Prineville Airport. I started this one at 10AM and everything worked so perfectly that it just took a couple of hours to create it. I have discovered how to use one-click hanger to shotcut things like the sliding doors and the beams and rafters in my hangers. The siding is matched exactly to a photo in Photoshop and the texture is from the Sketchup Texture collection free download. I am happy how it came out. I am going to place a SODE windsock on the roof as in real life at the airport. From the trucks parked by it I think that once this was a hanger but now it is for the airport maintenance crews use. The airport has a lot of really new hangers that are for lease (real life) so I am guessing that this is one of the last of the old wooden hangers left.

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    The Next Hanger Added

    I originally had used a copy of another hanger but after I did the ol' green one above I saw this one next to it and it JUST had to be custom too, it was too unique. I used "One Click Hanger" to create it and the brick texture for the walls that I had never used before. I then matched the color of the real brick walls with Photoshop and Sketchup. The windows are custom designed components in Sketchup. I really liked the red painted cinder block foundation and I illuminated the security lights with emissive textures in Model Converter X. You can see the glow on the ground and the beacon in the background as well as the illuminated windsock on top of the green hanger that I forgot to add before I took the screenshot of it above. See it all in the second screenshot below.

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    Yesterday and Today More Hangers

    Little by little Prineville Airport is being completed. Two more hangers today. I am going to make just about every one custom rather than duplicating ones I made already. It's just too nice and unique an airport. Also finished the photoreal background for all four seasons too. I hand-painted winter in Photoshop duplicating a photo of the real airport from the air I found. Everything is snow except runways taxiways and aprons. Here are the two new hangers:

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