I have had this software for almost 8 years now upgrading it as the upgrades came out. As above, I have a different computer now with Windows 10 on it and am trying to reload my FSX software like the Simphysics which I have enjoyed. I have the installer and the serial saved but when I try and reinstall it I get an error message that all licenses are in use. WHAT???

I have had to contact them only one time before when I upgraded from XP to Windows 7. I contacted the owner because I purchased it directly from FSPS. He responded promptly with a new serial number when THAT one said invalid. But that was in January of 2018. To top it off now I can't tell them I have a new email because the old company went broke. That means that I can't log in because the password is no longer working and if I say LOST PASSWORD it will be sent to a defunct email.

Well my reason for posting here is to "let the buyer beware" if you were considering buying it which is now at Simmarket and Simshack as well as their own store. Customer Service at this point is NON EXISTANT. You have to fill out a support ticket BUT the support ticket returns a ERROR 403 and refuses to be completed. There is no other form of contact on their NEW store. I am extremely displeased as you can well imagine. I don't mind contacting Customer Service, but it needs to be there. I may never get to use it again and I want others to know the state of affairs.