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Thread: Supercub for tgycgijoes

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    Supercub for tgycgijoes

    Here is the FSX converted RanchoJen PA-18A tundra tire Cub(V3) for tgycgijoes This is just the FSX model files, two additional textures and a set of the default effects I used (If yours are missing/corrupted)

    He is gotten permission to release a FSX version so here is the Tundra tire one.

    When I get time I'll play with the "stock" small tire version.
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    Works Great

    I updated my FS9 portover Supercub with this new model file. The effects were already in my fsx and I added the bmps to the texture folder. Then since I am stuck in my room with a lousy head cold called "Carolina Crud" though I found online it is not indigenous to the Carolinas. Its rampant in Louisiana too as I imagine it is in Georgia and Alabama too all the same kind of Atlantic weather. Anyway...

    Once I got it fsx native thanks to Brian, I added two gauges to my already custom panel which is actually all FSX default gauges except for the FS2K GPS. It is a dream to work on the VC panel because it is identical to the 2D panel as far as placement. In the screenshots below you can see that I added three panels on the bottom for Autopilot; transponder and Comm1/Nav1. Then the parking brake is electric not mechanical and was downloaded from AVSIM. Glenn Copeland created two versions though for FS9 they are XML coded so no problem. Then I grabbed the Primer from the J3 Cub default in FSX. It is the same in both aircraft. There is a toss up of opinions in the Supercub community of parking brake or no parking brake with even some owners creating their own mechanical versions. Mine is electric activating two solenoids to pull the wires under the seat (simulated not actual). When I created this panel a couple of weeks ago from the original I substituted FSX default gauges to update it to work with the autopilot from the Cessna. The panels have click spots to popup enlarged versions to make it simpler when flying. My texture is an actual aircraft owned by a friend of mine who gave a couple of photos to work from.

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    Richard do you have a link to the original (base) airplane? I did a search and found several but they were nothing like what I see in these images.
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    Check your private message for the link to the original. It's on Simviation. I just searched for "Supercub in the search box.

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    Complete Package

    I am working on putting together the FSX package and will upload my version to the Warbirds Library as soon as it is finished. I also dropped a line to Glenn Copeland for permission to add the parking brake switch if his email is still valid. Though he created it for FS9, it is in xml code so it was no problem to add it and should work in P3D too. The email came back almost immediately as undeliverable/unfound, so I checked at AVSIM for any other email. Though Glenn has a lot of gauges there all the email addresses are the same. He has not posted anything since 2006 in any of the sites EVEN FS2X where he has tutorials. I am going to include the line in the panel.cfg with a download link to the gauge in AVSIM if you want to use it which I know is perfectly legal to do even though he has no disclaimers in this gauge, he has in others so I am going to respect that. If you want it you can download the gauge and install it into GAUGES in your simulator.

    Another note, Don Kuhn's GNS530 downloadable at FS2X is also freeware and I like it much better than the default GNS500 in FSX. It will also be in the panel.cfg and in the README will be the link to download it. That way, no foul with the designer. I modified the panel this morning for more realism in the VC. It is in the panel as well as a popup panel for better visibility. I checked the actual dimensions and sized it accordingly. I found it interesting how small the GNS530 actually is compared to the Bendix-King gauges. All the gauges were sized and placed according to specs.

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    Its Up In The Library

    Just uploaded the complete folder for the Supercub to the library with one texture. I saw at least 40 photos if I saw one just by Googling Supercub photos including a couple of military versions. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any comments post them here. This thread will notify me by email any new posts.

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    I Stand Corrected

    I am happy to share the paintkit for the JEN PA18-150 Supercub which I just found by a Google search. It will make life so much easier for all those repaints I hope you talented repainters are motivated to do. Here is a link to download it:

    I've already started working on one. I decided before I got too far along painting to locate all the levels because SOME OF THEM ARE IN PORTUGUESE LOL! I opened up Google Translate and relabeled them one by one and also the multiple "Object1" layers as well. Now I'll go back to repainting...well tomorrow...time for bed. Hope to see some posts in this thread tomorrow. Good night.
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    Jul 2005
    Bristol, Vermont, United States
    Okay, Here is the standard (small tire) Super Cub to go with the Tundra version above... Same textures as above so just the model files.
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    You can't take the sky from me...

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    That Is Super

    Not to be a pun...super...Thank you for converting that and now we have a full package so that repaints of real supercubs with regular tires can be accurate. I am not going to put together another package since the all the other files are compatible with either model. If you want a regular tired Supercub download the tundra version and replace the model file with the file above.
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    My Latest Repaint From A Photo

    According to the FAA its registered in Prineville, Oregon and I am going to guess that is hangered at Prineville Airport. Here is the repaint that I just finished:

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