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    Getting Closer


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    From RAZBAM

    “Dear customers and DCS community in general:As the Early Access of the DCS:F-15E Strike Eagle is getting real fast to it’s release date, we would like to share with you what to expect in this initial release, keep in mind that constant updates will happen until we consider this project feature complete.
    This is the list of what will be available on day 1 of Early Access:
    •Fully modeled Laser Gyros assembly with drift error.
    •Integrated GPS assembly with its own independent gyro system.
    •Inertial Navigation, with selectable gyro system for position keeping.
    •TACAN Navigation
    •ILS Navigation
    •Waypoint Navigation, fully editable with in cockpit ADD, EDIT and DELETE functions.
    Sensor Suite:
    •Tactical Situation Display: Currently, it is working only as a moving map. It will be constantly updated to become a fully operable system capable of selecting targets.
    •AN/APG-70 Radar:
    oA/A: RWS, STT, TWS and HOJ.
    oA/G: Radar Map, High Resolution Map, Ground Moving Target.
    oThe radar is fully integrated with the loaded TGP (LANTIRN, LITENING or SNIPER).
    oThe radar is synchronized for Multi Crew cockpit.
    •Navigation Pods (NVP):
    oAN/AAQ-13: Navigation Pod:
    FLIR is available.
    •Targeting Pods (TGP):
    oAN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN: FLIR + Laser Designation are available. After EA the newer Litening pod will be available fully functional as well as part of our CTU update program, this also includes the Sniper pod in a future
    Weapons Management
    The aircraft has a learning curve regarding weapons management. The crew is required to do certain procedures before the loaded weapons can be used.
    •Programmable Armament Control Set (PACS):
    oA/A Display (A/A): Monitors and configure all A/A weapons on the aircraft. Currently it is in its basic form.
    oA/G Display (A/G): Monitors and configure all A/G weapons. In this option the release program (up to four) is entered. A/G weapons cannot be released without a program.
    oA/A LOAD: Used to configure the aircraft’s A/A loadout. This does not mean that the selected weapon is physically loaded. Only used for A/A training, since all A/A missiles self-identify. Not operational.
    oA/G LOAD: Used to configure the aircraft’s A/G loadout. This does not mean that the selected weapon is physically loaded. It is a required step because the aircraft cannot identify the ordnance loaded in a specific pylon. It can only determine if something is loaded or not. Fully operational.
    oCBT JETT: Used to pre-program weapons jettison for quick release under combat conditions. Two jettison programs can be entered. Fully operational.
    •A/G Delivery: Configures the delivery parameters for each weapons release program.
    •Selective Jettison: Used to select the removal of aircraft load. Unlike the CBT JETT, the pilot is required to select the pylons before jettisoning them.
    Weapons Suite
    The following are the weapons that will be available on EA release:
    Air to Air
    AIM-9 family: L/M/P/P5
    AIM-7 family: M/MH
    AIM-120 family: B/C
    Air to Ground
    Mk-82 family: LD and HD (Snake eyes and AIR).
    Mk-84 family: LD and HD (AIR)
    CBUs: -87, -97
    GBUs (Laser Guided Weapons): -10, -12, -24, -27, -28
    Training versions of Mk-82, Mk-84, GBU-12
    M61-A 20mm Vulcan with 500 rounds of either PGU-28/B SAPHEI or M56HEI
    Other stores
    External Fuel Tanks.
    MXU-648 Travel Pod
    Both front and rear cockpits are fully clickable, including some items like mirrors, which can be rotated.
    The digital displays (MPDs and MPCDs) are functional but not all the menu options are available.
    The HUD is fully implemented, including the HUD repeaters in both cockpits. The main HUD in the front cockpit can also display FLIR video, when the NAV POD is loaded.
    All aircraft master modes are enabled: A/A (default), A/G, NAV and INST (a special NAV mode with hardcoded displays).
    •A/A: All Air-to-Air weapons are enabled: Medium Range Missiles (MRM), Short Range Missiles (SRM) and gun (GUN). For SRM and gun, can be used with or without radar guidance.
    •A/G: CDIP (CCIP) and AUTO (CCRP) release modes for both are available. DIRECT (hot pickle) release is not enabled since this is a Smart Weapons mode.

    Given the fact that the F-15E Strike Eagle is by design a 2 crew strike fighter involving coordinated inputs by the pilot and the WSO, but at the same time it’s capable to be operated by a single user in a simulated environment, it was decided to focus on single player use BUT at the same time multicrew capacity was included to some extent for Early Access, more MC features will be available with each new update to the aircraft in a constant basis
    Multi Crew Synchronization
    Current Multi Crew synchronization available for EA:
    •Flight Controls, Autopilot , CAS, and Trim system
    •Landing Gear and Brake system
    •Speed brake and Flap system
    •Engine and Engine Control system
    •Electrical system
    •Aircraft External Lights
    •Cockpit Internal Lights
    •ECS system
    •Fuel system
    •Ejection system
    •A/A Radar
    •A/G Radar
    •Navigation (Waypoint)
    The MC synchronization is a challenging technical endeavor due to the complexity of the aircraft systems, that allows both seats to fully control the aircraft and its sensors, it a lengthy and complex process that will be constantly updated. MC synchronization is one of our top priorities during current and coming development.
    Up to date user Manual and interactive missions by Baltic Dragon
    Keep in mind that this is the set in stone list of features for Early Access but at the same time more features will be added until release. A release date for Early Access has been set already and will be public in a near future.


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    Strike Eagle is released!
    Heatblur Rivet Counting Squad™

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    JDAMS Inbound!!!!
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