TXKF Kindlley Field 1955 - 1962
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Thread: TXKF Kindlley Field 1955 - 1962

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    TXKF Kindlley Field 1955 - 1962

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    Description: Kindley Field, on the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, was built as a joint RAF/USAAF facility during the Second World War. Subsequently the RAF area became the civilian terminal while Kindley Air Force Base was operated by the USAF between 1948 and 1970. It was primarily a staging post between the US and Western Europe for land-based planes unable to cross the Atlantic non-stop, very like Ernest Harmon in Newfoundland and the civilian Gander, and like Harmon it closed when the jet age made such bases redundant. Prior to that it hosted no combat units, but the 59th and then 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons, the 'Hurricane Hunters', were based there, and also from 1 February 1956 to 15 June 1963 the 303rd ARS Stratotankers were present to support Strategic Air Command and other refueling requirements. After 1970 it became a US Navy facility primarily concerned with tracking Soviet submarines, and was closed at the end of the Cold War. This scenery represents Kindley between 1955 and 1962 and has custom made scenery by Dan French and ai military traffic by Al Von Pingel to add to the downloadable California Classic civilian and MATS traffic available at Tom Gibson's site. Like Harmon and Gander, it was one of the most important airfields of its time. By Ken Lawson, Al Von Pingel, Dan French

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    Did anybody already install this scenery? I have downloaded it, but so far haven't had the time to install it.

    It looks very nice on the screenshot, but additional screenshot are definitely appreciated.....


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    DXTFixerX v2.3 (FS9/FSX/P3D) - Peter Nyman (neumanix) 2020
    1 - FIXED: D:\FS2004\Addon Scenery\TXKF Kindley Field 1955-1962\texture\Windows_BermudaTerminal1.bmp
    Found 16 DXT3/DXT5 textures.
    1 of them had a faulty alpha channel, but it's now fixed and OK!!!

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    I have installed and am flying from Kindley. It's a beautifully done scenery. Very busy traffic as well. Only issue I have noticed was a few places that were there is water where I feel land should be.
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    I am not at my sim computer but there are a lot of pictures of this scenery at Calclassic.com forum as well as many of my other scenery’s. I have not attempted to upload photos here but will give it a shot in the future.


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