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Description: Since Aeroplane Heaven originates in Germany, where the swastika is banned, as it is in many other European nations, they are required to only use partial kill markings that contained swastikas on five of the aircraft liveries in their P-51D package. I took it upon myself to correct that for history's sake, since I live in a nation where the symbol is not banned. If you also live in a nation where it is not banned and wish to have the correct swastika kill markings for these five aircraft, they are in the zip.


A folder for each aircraft is in the zip and within the folder is the texture file that must be replaced in the Sim Objects folder that contains the textures for the P-51D. It has to be done this way, as the files often have the same names. Open each folder and open the Common folder. Go to the AH p51d and then Sim Objects. From there go to the folder containing each livery named in the zip and replace the texture with the one included in the zip and overwrite the existing texture when prompted.


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