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    WW 2 photo

    I found this (colorized) photo on the web . Do you know which event
    it refers to ?


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	s780_DCDCAD26_DF20_4FE8_A7DA_0BCC57F09F98.jpg 
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    Sorry RWILLIS but I do not understand what the story of the cruiser Tone
    has to do with it

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    All one can tell by the Photo is that there's a Japanese cruiser (possibly the Tone) at Anchor in a cove or small lagoon, under bombardment attack. Without something like a Date or other context its almost impossible to say where this engagement took place.

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    I believe that this is your photo colorized. t shows the Tone under bombardment at Kure in July 1945. If you compare the # of bomb splashes in the b/w photo vs your colorized ones you will see the same amount along with the tall hit. also off the fantail there are the same # sharpnel splashes. I believe the b/w is a cropped version of your larger colorized one.


    dug around some more and here is your photo and its history;

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ToneUnderAttack1945.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by fani View Post
    Sorry RWILLIS but I do not understand what the story of the cruiser Tone
    has to do with it
    That's what it is!

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    Complete image, higher resolution and intact information.

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    ....thanks for putting that photo up. I didn't have the time to fiddle and do it myself so I just gave the link. So much nicer when the actual photo is up.

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