Christmas is coming minor rant....
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Thread: Christmas is coming minor rant....

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    Christmas is coming minor rant....

    Got home yesterday to a pile of new laptops that neighbors and friends want setup before Christmas. I'm sort of the neighborhood guru from a lifetime in IT. Always willing to help so off to it I went. Most went well except for a couple of Lenovo IdeaPad 1 15ada7 laptops that came with Windows 11 in S Mode. Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, What a nightmare. Two identical systems that Windows 11 must have seen as different. One install went bing, bang boom done except for one thing. The other laptop wanted to restart several times and installed different items than the first. My neighbor wanted them set up in French, so that is what I did. The 1st as mentioned was great. The second installed a myriad of keyboard files that had to be sorted out. Took time, but mission accomplished. Then.......

    The one major problem was S Mode. S mode only allows apps from the Microsoft Store to be installed and only allows Microsoft Edge as a browser. Not acceptable for my neighbor or myself for that matter. There is a way to convert S Mode systems to normal Windows, but NOT without a Microsoft account. Neighbor doesn't want one which I totally understand. Had to sign in with my account, convert to normal windows then create a new Administrator account, log into that then delete my account which Microsoft so kindly created in the conversion.

    Wish there was a Tar and Feather package I could send to Microsoft.....

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    Thanks for posting this. I was asked to setup a laptop and found this situation. I opted not to work on it the night I got it and the next day saw this post. Now I know which way to go.

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