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Description: Messerschmitt Bf 109T-2
by Design Team Daedalus

Unit: 2./JG77 Lister, Norway 1941
Pilot: unknown

The Bf 109T was based on the E-7 and designed as an aircraft carrier fighter intended to serve on Germany's then under construction carrier, the Graf Zeppelin. The wing span was increased to 36 feet, 4.22 inches, a small spoiler was added to the top of the wings, and added an arrestor hook and catapult fittings.

An order for 70 was placed with Fieseler with construction fully underway in April 1941. When construction of the Graf Zeppelin was cancelled, the remaining 63 of 70 T-1s were built as T-2s with the carrier equipment either removed, or inactivated like the wing top spoilers. Some of the T-1s may have been converted to T-2 standard.

It was found that the flight performance of the T-2 was closely comparable to the E-4/N. Because of its ability to take off and land in shorter distances, 42 T-2s were assigned to I/JG.77 and 21 T-2s were assigned to Jagdgruppe Drontheim in June 1941, both units being deployed in Norway on landing strips which were both short and subject to frequent, powerful cross-winds.

In April and May 1943 a few remaining T-2s were operational with 12 assigned to Jagdstaffel Helgoland (subordinated to JG 11) and 10 were with JG300 as night fighters. a few others were scattered around with training units.

With a production run of only 70 units the planes were fairly standardized, but field modifications did exist on some planes.

So each model we have created has its own unique features. This aircraft was equipped with a flat plate plus curved top pilot head armor.

Pstrany is the primary model author with small model refinements and additions by Captain Kurt as the model was collaborated on during development. Captain Kurt created the textures for each, the 2D instrument panel, the individual .dp files, air files and aircraft.cfg files.

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