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Thread: Missions & Scenery for 31 Squadron RAAF

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    Good info Kevin. I never thought about MB lowering the user settings on its own, but we know CFS2 can be "quirky"

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    Here is a fuselage texture for Beaufighter MkIC A19-47 of RAAF 31 Squadron 1942-1943.

    You will need the Beaufighter IC ns (no spinner) of RAAF 30 Squadron by William Dickens (bismarck13) and Oldwheat.
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    an initial effort at a campaign for the Beaufighters of 31 Squadron. 12 missions from Nov 1942 to Nov 1943. Still needs a lot of work to improve the scenery etc from Timor to the Aru Islands especially. Besides the stock aircraft, I've used Beaufighter Mk1Cns, and also A6M2N_Rufe, BSK_Spitfire_Mkvc, F1M2, mz-e13a1, mz-ki45-h, and BR KI21 Sally Attachment 91831

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    May I make the suggestion to formally upload the campaign so it will be permanently available in the library for folks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kurt View Post
    May I make the suggestion to formally upload the campaign so it will be permanently available in the library for folks?

    Here's a 17 mission campaign that's a lot improved. I'll leave it here as an attachment for a while (feedback?) before looking at uploading it. I'll aim to slowly improve the scenery. This Campaign works best with the original CFS2 terrain mesh at the moment. Attachment 91857

    I did find the Beaufighter cannon were too far forward (weight location) so moved them back, which improved the handling a lot.

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    Really enjoying these missions RWILLS, love flying the Beaufighter! Thanks!
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    additional basic runway for Drysdale, where a few of the missions are flown from, and a few others around the Coomalie area - Hughes, Livingstone, Batchelor. (There are some nice MR airfields for Darwin, Batchelor and Livingstone but they don't seem to be at anywhere near the correct height relative to the surrounding terrain, with Batchelor especially looking like it's on top of a mountain.) I''ve managed to find the correct location of the wreck of the Maroubra which was sunk at Milingimbi during the 1943-5-10 attacks, so will update that mission. Also I will need to update the Spitfires used so they have the correct armament (2 x 20mm instead of 4 x 20mm!) 31sqdron_airfields2.zip

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    AH..how to do actually install of all this? * confused emoji *

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruddman View Post
    AH..how to do actually install of all this? * confused emoji *
    It will take me a while to knock up some sort of install guide, but initially just copy all of the mission files (.mis and .dyn files) into your cfs2/CAMPAIGNS folder, along with the .cmg file. It's also a good idea to put the mission miles into your cfs2/MISSIONS folder so you can see which ones work and which ones require you to install additional aircraft/ships/scenery etc. All the mis and dyn files will open in notepad, and can be edited, - so for example, you could change any of the aircraft, ships, scenery to suit what you already have installed.

    Also make sure you have the country.cfg file with Australia as [country.10]

    Here's a list of the aircraft and ships used;

    stock A6M2_Zero
    stock G4M2_Betty
    stock B25D_MITCHELL
    Beaufighter MkICns
    BR2 KI21 Sally
    BSK_Spitfire_MkVC (I will probably replace this later)
    BR2 Ki-27 Nate

    assorted stock ships

    trees I've mostly used;

    I'll get a more detailed list of buildings etc, but for starters;

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    I'm new. None of that makes sense to me. * headache emoji *

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruddman View Post
    I'm new. None of that makes sense to me. * headache emoji *
    Have a go at just installing the Beaufighter for the campaign first then?

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    some links for other aircraft

    A6M2N_Rufe http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...d=5321&doit=Go

    BSK spitfires - I can't find a specific download, but they are in the Tuskegee Airmen Campaign (part 1)

    RAAF spitfire skins for BSK http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...d&page=5&pp=20

    mz-e13a1 http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...d=9687&doit=Go

    mz-ki45-h http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...3&linkid=17996

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    revised 18 mission campaign attached with assorted improvements.31 Squadron RAAF Campaign 18 missions.zip

    The missions over Timor (Penfui, Fuiloro) have a fair bit of hand editing as Mission Builder quite often struggles with the terrain elevations and tries to force the aircraft to fly higher.

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